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ApprovedGasMasks.com webpages:

Funding and Obtaining Domestic Preparedness Grant Money Information (web links and .pdfs)
US Dept of Justice / OJP Grant Info and Guidelines (webpage)
US Dept of Homeland Security / Office of Domestic Preparedness 2004 Homeland Security Grant Application and Information (.pdf doc)
US Dept of Justice / OJP online grant application system (webpage)
US Dept of Homeland Security Grant Allocations listed by State and Urban Area (.pdf doc)
Eligibility of non-governmental organizations (NGOs) to receive ODP homeland grants (.pdf doc)
US Senate Report 108-086 - Dept of Homeland Security 2004 Appropriations Bill
FEMA Grant Application for US Firefighters (secure website)

Regulatory Information for First Responders and Police (web links and .pdfs)
Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) for Applicable MSA Safety Products: comprehensive Hazmat, DOT, Recycling & Regulatory Information for Mine Safety Appliance (MSA) Products
Toxic Chemical Agent Safety Standards - US Army
NBC Weapons Information Guidelines and Reference (.pdf files):
First Responder's Guide to WMD - MSA
Biological and Chemical Agent Characteristics chart (.pdf) - Anser
NBC Warfare Defense Logistics Status Readiness Report - US Army
Guidelines for Responding to and Managing a Chemical WMD Terrorist Event - U.S. Army (SBCCOM)
Personal Protection for Homeland Security (Readiness, Response, Rescue & Recovery) - MSA
Gas Masks for Law Enforcement (Respiratory Protection for Homeland Security) - MSA
CBRN Primer (Chemical Biological Radiological and Nuclear) - MSA

Product-Specific Manuals and Information (.pdf files):
3M 6000 Respirator User Manual and specifications
3M 7000 Mask Fit Test Instructions
3M 7800s Mask Color Catalog
3M Breath Easy Blower System User Manual
3M Breath Easy Lithium (Disposable) Battery User Manual
3M Breath NiCad (Rechargeable) Battery User Manual
3M C2-A1 Gas Filter Canister User Manual
3M C2-A1 Filter Specifications and Test Results
3M FR-15 CBRN Filter User Instructions
3M FR-15 CBRN Filter Test Results Bulletin
3M FR-15 CBRN MSDS Material Data Safet Sheet
3M frM40 Gas Mask User Manual and Specifications
3M frM40 Gas Mask MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
3M frM40 Gas Mask and Filter NIOSH Data Sheet
3M frM40b CBRN Gas Mask Brochure
3M frM40b CBRN MSDS Material Safety Data Sheet
3M Half and Full Face Reusable Masks Color Catalog
3M Hood System User Manual
C420 PAPR System Color Brochure
C420 PAPR System Info Sheet
C420 Questions and Answers
Chem Tape Instructions and Test Results
Chemical Suit Level A Specifications
Chemical Suit Level B Specifications
CPF 3 Chemical Suit Certification Press Release
Defend Emergency Decontamination Shower Specs
Evolution 1000 User Instructions / Specs
ExoTech Riot Control System measurement guidelines
ExoTech Riot Control System sizing order form
Fingerprint Sprays Manufacturer's Technical Data and Background
K-1 Military Gas Mask Kit User Instructions
M-15 Israeli Mask Color Brochure
M-95 gas mask and filter specifications
M-95 gas mask accessory specifications
M-95 gas mask manufacturer's color sales card
Microscope Pen / Mulitlight Pen color catalog
MSA Advantage 1000 / Millennium Color Catalog
MSA Advantage 200LS Half Mask Manual
MSA Advantage 200LS NIOSH Approval Matching Chart
MSA Advantage 200LS / 3200 Respirator Color Brochure
MSA Comfo Classic Half Mask Manual
MSA Comfo Elite Half Mask User Instructions
MSA Detector Tubes and for Domestic Preparedness color brochure
MSA Detector Tubes and Pumps Catalog and Specification Listing
MSA Detector Tubes - US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds test report
MSA Confidence Plus Equipment Cleaner Spec Sheet
MSA ESP2 Communication System
MSA Filter Gas Challenge Approval chart
MSA Fit Test Equipment Data
MSA Millennium / Advantage 1000 Color Catalog
MSA Millennium User Manual
MSA Millennium CBRN Catalog
MSA Millennium CBRN Certification Press Release
MSA Optimair 6a PAPR NBC Personal Protective System
MSA Optimair HC (Health Care) User Manual
MSA Optimair HC (Health Care) Hood Bulletin
MSA Optimair HC (Health Care) NIOSH Approval Matrix
MSA Optimair MM2K PAPR NBC Personal Protective System
MSA Response Escape Hood Color Catalog
MSA SafeSite Basic System order form
MSA SafeSite Command Center order form
MSA SafeSite Calibration Kit order form
MSA SafeSite TOX / VOX Detector order form
MSA SCBA Material Safety Data Sheet (MSDS) for Compressed Air Systems/SCBAs
MSA Sirius MultiGas Detector Bid Specifications
MSA Sirius MultiGas Detector Color Bulletin
MSA Sirius MultiGas Detector Color Flyer
MSA Sirius MultiGas Detector User Manual
MSA Sirius MultiGas Detector PID Whitepaper
MSA Sirius MultiGas Sensor Service Instructions
MSA TransAire SCBA Hood User Manual
MSA TransAire SCBA Hood Specifications
MSA Twin Cartridge Respirators Color Catalog
North 7700 and 5500 Half Mask Parts Diagram
North ER 1000 Emergency Escape Hood
OptiFit Gas Mask Color Catalog
OptiFit Gas Mask Data Sheet
Quick 2000 escape hood color catalog
Radiation and Microwave Handheld Meter Color Catalog
Rampart Flight Glove Color Brochure
Scott AirPak 50 SCBA Q&A
Scott AirPak 50 SCBA Info Sheet
Scott AirPak SCBA Bidding Specifications
Scott AV2000 Color Data Sheet
Scott AV3000 Introduction Release
Scott Homeland Security Catalog
Scott Industrial Safety Catalog
Scott ProFlow 2 Power Pak PAPR Mask System
Scott Promask Color Catalog
Scott SkaPak Plus SCBA Emergency Air System
Scott Twin and Chin Style Filter Reference Chart
SGE 400/3 Color Data Brochure
Sound Level Meter - Digital Mini Color Brochure
Stopwatch (digital) - Color Catalog
Tychem BR chemical suit technical data sheet
Tychem chemical suit test data and permeation guide
Uvex Genesis Eyewear color catalog
Uvex Genesis lens exchange instructions
UVEX Stealth Tactical Goggles

Books on Bioterrorism, NIOSH Guidebooks +
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