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M-95 Military Gas Mask

• Outstanding NIOSH-Approved Protection TC-84 A-3320
• High Quality Chemical Resistant Materials
• Chemical Warfare Resistant (Independently Tested)
• Practical low profile design and construction
• Stable and fully adjustable for wearer comfort and acceptance
• Excellent field of vision (over 80%)
• Capatibility with weapons and tactical equipment
• Comfortable 6 point harness for extended wear
• Rugged collision resistant design
• Excellent fit with a NBC Protective Suit
• 20 year shelf life
• Equally ventilated lenses
• Low Exhalation Resistance
• Optional Camelback hydration adapter and prescription lens frame

Designed to meet the critical hazards encountered in warfare and incorporates the highest standards in NBC protection with unrivaled comfort, reliability and wearer acceptance. Lightweight and comfortable to wear even over long periods. Its low breathing resistance facilitates extended wear without adversely affecting user performance. Small silicone inner-orinasal mask provides a comfortable fit against the skin and reduces dead-space to a minimum (CO2 content of the M95 mask is <0.7%). Fast donning for immediate protection. (Donned and sealed in <8 seconds). The stretch properties of the polyester/Lycra head-harness enhance wearer comfort, particularly over long periods. The head-harness is resistant to chemicals and aging.

The excellent fit and the user comfort of the M95 Full Facepiece is the result of incorporating extensive facial-form data into anatomically accurate CAD based designs. Facepiece has filter connections on both sides in order to facilitate left or right-handed operation. Close-fitting design is compatible with tactical equipment used in field operations such as optical, communication equipment, shoulder fired weapons, protective clothing and helmets.Halo-butyl rubber used for the M95 Full Facepiece is specially engineered to enhance resistance to all known NBC or CBRN agents. Excellent fire retardant properties. 20-year storage life. Available in either a Regular or a Small size. Prescription lens frames are available.Features a leak-proof hydration port allowing intake of >250 ml/min liquid and comes with a direct-connect canteen. Extremely wide field of vision, even downwards, due to the close-fitting design of the face mask.

M-95 military gas mask Scott Promask M95

Call for Availability - 877-AGM-1010

M-95 gas mask manufacturer's color sales card (.pdf format)
M-95 gas mask and filter specifications (.pdf format)

M-95 available accessory specifications (.pdf format)

Looking for complete protection? Click here to see our protective kits for use with this mask.

M-95 NBC Canteen
This canteen is designed exclusively for use with the M-95
respirator. Provides an NBC sealed locking nozzle. Cap is
leashed to the bottle to prevent loss. Made of an extremely
durable high grade plastic for a lifetime of use. 1 liter

M-95 Canteen: $34.90 - Add to Cart
The canteen inserts directly into the M95 gas mask

M95 Hydration Valve (Adapter)
Converts the the proprietary M95 respirator drinking intake to the NATO
standard, like the MSA Millennium & FR-M40. Enables the use of hydration systems
such as the Hydrastorm or CamelBak. Factory P/N - 45092-001

NATO Hydration Adapter: $34.80 - Add to Cart
Camelback M95 gas mask drinking adapter

M-95 Voice Emitter
The canteen assembly of the M-95 masks prevents it from having
the standard voice emitter that comes built into most masks. This device
simply threads into the mask in place of the solid side plug. It allows for more
recognizable speech (especially for those using a microphone or radio).
Click here for more information

M-95 Voice Emitter: $27.80 - Add to Cart
M-95 M95 Speech diaphragm 40mm insert

Scott Mask Eyeglass Frames
These eyeglass frames fit on the Scott Promask
M-95, M98, M110, M120 & SEA/DP gas masks. Special glasses are required as the
earpieces on regular glasses won't allow a proper seal.

Scott Eyeglass Frames: $54.95 - Add to Cart
Eyeglass attachment (or holder) for Scott ProMasks and M-95 Masks

Gas Mask Filter Canisters
We stock Nuclear Biological Chemical and Gas filters for every brand and
model gas mask. Most gas masks use the standard 40mm NATO threaded filters,
but we also carry specialty filters for MSA masks like the Advantage 1000.
NBC gas filters protect against known chemical and biological warfare agents and
have exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and efficiency as well as a
low breathing resistance. Click here for our gas mask filter selection
m-95 m95 ntc-1 mpc plus Scott filters and more

Gas Mask Storage/Carry Bags
Specifically designed for use with gas masks, these bags all feature belt
loops as well as shoulder straps. Enough room for a mask, filter, and maybe
a few other pieces of gear. We have the BlackHawk or Infinity tactical nylon
pouches or unissued military surplus. They range in price from $13.50 to $54.90.

Click here for more information and ordering.

As a guarantee of the high-grade quality operations Scott Health & Safety has
obtained a certificate for its quality assurance system that meets the requirements
of the ISO 9001 standard that incorporates procedures from product development to
after-sales service. Scott Health & Safety has pursued a policy of quality products
manufactured to the highest standards. The company has a complete range of
respiratory protection fully approved to EN standards. Many products, like particle
filters and full face masks, undergo 100% inspection in production. All the Scott Health
& Safety products carry the CE mark and meet ISO-9001 quality assurance.
AGM supplies hundreds of Police Departments and Fortune 500 companies with gas masks, gas mask filters, and all types of survival gear from NBC protective suits to Potassium Iodide and medical kits. Before you purchase a cheap, used mask take a look at our new masks from MSA, SGE and more. Many popular civilian gas masks are modeled after military units, like the MSA Advantage 1000. We offer brand new military masks like the MSA Millennium. For complete Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical protection we have new and surplus NBC suits, hoods, gloves, boots and more. Order online or call AGM anytime for all your safety supplies.

Before you buy a worthless $50 surplus mask, read information and warnings here!
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