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Premium Powered 1-Person Protective Kit - #PMK-601 SAVE $250!
Protective Kit comes with SGE400 gas mask, suit, boots, gloves, mask bag, duffle bag, potassium iodide and more
Kit includes a Powered Blower system and premium M95 gas mask, M95 NBC filter, mask bag, chemical suit, gloves, boots, mask bag, M8 chemical detection paper, potassium iodide, chemical detection paper, duffle bag and more!
Kit includes the following: C-420 PAPR System with Lithium Battery (#C420DB), M95 - Premium Gas Mask with drinking option, 2 - Premium NBC Filters, CPF3 High-Performance Chemical Suit, SF Chem-Bio - Military Spec. Overshoes, Military Butyl Gloves (Outer glove), SilverShield Glove/Glove Liners (Inner glove) -Highest chemical resistance!, M95 Specialized Military Canteen, M8 Chemical Detection Paper (complete booklet of 25 sheets), Expedition First Aid Kit - Extremely complete kit, 5-in-1 Survival Tool (Prybar, hatchet, saw, shovel, compass), ERG 2000 - Emergency Response Guidebook (essential reading for all 1st responders), Deluxe Gear Bag (BlackNylon bag, containing all above items), and a FREE - Special Forces NBC Protective Suit (alternate suit for use in tactical situations).

ONLY $1079! - Add to Cart -
separately these items cost over $1350!
*You'll be prompted for your suit size (or height), shoe size and glove size in checkout.
Protective Kit comes with an M95 facepiece, C420 PAPR system, suit, boots, gloves, mask bag, duffle bag, potassium iodide and more
Protective Kit comes with an M95 facepiece, C420 PAPR system, suit, boots, gloves, mask bag, duffle bag, potassium iodide and more
The M95 mask is used by militaries and police forces around the world
The C420 PAPR respiraotr system is used in true HazMat conditions or wherever a gas mask is worn for prolonged periods
Military and Police grade tactical nylon bag
M-95 Long Life NBC Gas Mask Filter Canister
Emergancy Response Guidebook is essential for any First Responder but great for anyone
Military spec NBC Butyl rubber gloves offer the highest levels of chemical protection on the market
Silver Shield gloves offer the highest levels of chemical protection on the market
NBC boots offer complete protection, comfort and wearability
M8 Chemical Detection Paper C8 uses an easy 3 color system
Expedition Medical Kits and First Aid Kit

Description: The highest level of protection available in an air-purifying-respirator configuration is provided by a PAPR (Powered-Air-Purifying-Respirator), which has an assigned protection factor that is 10 TIMES higher than the protection of a standard respirator!!! This kit is our most popular Law Enforcement PAPR ensemble!
The C420 is a state-of-the-art PAPR system that’s lightweight, powerful & reliable. The C420 (and M95 gas mask) is used widely throughout the FBI, in BlackHawk helicopter crews & other performance-hungry users. The powered airflow reduces fatigue & increases operational abilities & user accuity. PAPR’s are also far safer than conventional gas masks due to the positive pressure created inside the mask. If any gaps exist along the facial seal, the pressure forces air out, rather than allowing air to come in, making the PAPR ideal for persons with facial hair. If you can afford it, the PAPR is the way to go, and at this price, it’s a no brainer! The C420 system is sold elsewhere for $1000 without all the extras we’ve included with this kit! You’ve only got one life, you and your family deserve the protection that a PAPR can provide.

The M95 facepiece (which also functions as a stand alone non-powered respirator) gas mask has dual (left/right) filter ports, an integrated drinking capability & is made from a halo-butyl elastomer which has exceptional chemical resistance. Two Premium NBC filters are included (this kit includes a spare filter, however, 2 spare filters are recommended). These filters exceed the U.S. Army requirements for NBC protection & have a 10 year shelf life. An M95 specialized NBC resistant canteen is included for ingesting liquids/foods without removing the mask.

This kit includes an extremely durable CPF3 high-performance chemical suit which is ideal for domestic preparedness applications. The CPF3 is one of the best suits available & features taped seams, an attached respirator fit hood, booties & elastic wrists. As some emergency situations may require long-term outdoor/field use, this kit also includes a military (OD Green, unissued surplus) chemical suit at no extra charge. This exact design was used in the Persian Gulf by the U.S. military and is intended for use in extreme environments. The military chem. suit is an extremely durable, multi-layer design, made with a rip-stop nylon outer shell, a carbon core for absorption of contaminates & a breathable inner layer. The military chem suit & CPF3 are both designed to be worn over regular ‘street clothes’, including shoes (the military suit does not cover the shoe) & are easily donned in the event of an emergency.

Foot protection is provided by the SF Chem-Bio overshoes which meet ALL military specifications for combat use. The Chem-Bio overshoes have passed the strict military requirements for puncture resistance, durability, traction & protection against chemical & biological warfare agents. Hand protection is provided by a dual layer system: A military spec. butyl glove outer barrier (considered to be sufficient NBC protection without an inner glove) provides excellent chemical & puncture resistance. Plus, a Silver Shied glove is utilized as an inner layer. Silver Shield gloves are ultra-thin, only 4 mil thick, & are the most (chemical) permeation resistant gloves available today. This combination of inner & outer gloves provides the best possible hand protection & is recommended for use when working in extremely hazardous environments.

You have the equipment, but when is it time to ‘gear up’? This kit includes a full booklet (25 sheets) of M8 Chemical Agent Detection Paper. M8 paper is used to detect liquid chemical agents, mists, etc. The paper has an unlimited shelf-life when kept dry & detects nearly all forms of chemical agents by changing colors when agents are detected. M8 detection paper can distinguish between various agents by specific color changes, therefore indicating what protective measures should be taken. (ie. evacuation, donning protective wear, using specific antidotes, etc.)

Medical & Emergency Equipment: This kit also includes an Expedition first aid kit which contains both everyday essentials & medical items for extensive injuries, refer to the Expedition medical kit page (click here) for complete details. All first aid components are contained in a soft-side multi-compartment pak. In addition, our 5-in-1 Emergency Survival Tool is also included. The Survival Tool is compact, rugged & durable; It has several attachments enabling use as a prybar, hatchet, saw, shovel & compas, plus, the entire tool folds neatly into its’ included case.

To keep your mask, filter & other gear accessible when needed, our premium INFINITY drop leg gas mask carry pouch is also included; It features a drop leg strap, belt loops, a shoulder strap, a padded interior & numerous compartments & pockets to keep your gear organized & secure. The INFINITY is infinitely versatile, it has D rings, velcro adjustments & can be configured in nearly any way imaginable. All these items fit neatly into our deluxe black nylon gear bag (which has 2 large end pockets, a side pocket & an oversize opening) so that your equipment is stored together and is ready in the event of an emergency when seconds could make the difference.

This kit also includes a pocket-sized ERG2000, The Emergency Response Guidebook. The ERG is a concise handbook detailing the appropriate response for virtually every possible WMD, Hazmat or other chemical emergency. The ERG is also available on CD Rom & in a full size format.

Our current price for all these PPE & detection equipment is OVER $1350.

#PPK-601 - Premium Powered 1-Person Protective Kit: Our Price $1079.00 - Add to Cart
*You'll be prompted for your suit size (or height), shoe size and glove size in checkout.

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