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Chemical Agent Detection Paper
3 types are available: M-8(C-8), M-9 & 3-Way

M8 aka C8 Chemical Detection Paper uses an easy 3 color system M-8 C-8
M9 Chemical Agent Detection paper gives warning of chemical release or attack

The Chemical Agent Liquid Detector papers were designed to meet the need for a simple, rapid method of detecting and differentiating between the 3 Major groups of liquid chemical warfare agents. The U.S. Military has more than 5 million units of M8, M9 & 3-way Chemical Agent Liquid Detectors in use today! They are standard issue & are considered the most essential piece of chemical detection gear used by individual soldiers. Currently, every branch of the U.S. Military uses these 3 Chemical Agent Liquid Detector Papers.

The C8 (used to be called M8) paper uses a 3 color system denoting which specific chemical is present and does not have an adhesive backing, the M9 uses one color for any chemical, comes on a roll and is self-adhesive. The 3-Way detection papers combine the best of both; 3 colors, self-adhesive backing, AND a user-friendly legend.

The Chemical Agent Liquid Detectors can quickly determine the presence or absence of G, V or H agents and the type of agent encountered. As each chemical agent requires the use of different counter-measures for effective protection & treatment, determining the type of Nerve or Mustard agent present enables individuals to take the appropriate protective measures. For the detection of V or G Nerve Vapors, use the Chemical Agent Vapor Detector (NAVD)

M-8 CAD Paper (25ct booklet)
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M-9 CAD Paper (10m roll)
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3-Way CAD Paper (12ct booklet)
$24.90 - Add to Cart

Directions for use: Detach a piece of paper and attach it to clothing or place on a surface so it can be exposed to drops or suspected chemical agents. If colored spots appear, put on protective gear. Compare colored spot with colors on inside cover to determine type of agent.

The test method consists of: (1) Detaching a piece of paper from a booklet or dispenser roll. (2) Exposing the paper to a surface suspected of being contaminated by a liquid chemical agent or to the agent itself by wiping the suspected surface with the paper, or by attaching the paper to a surface which may be exposed in the future.

• All 3 types are standard U.S. Military Issue • Used by ALL branches of the U.S. Military
• Easy to read results in about 30 seconds • Thoroughly tested; proven accurate & effective
• Detects droplets as small as 0.1 micro liter. • Determines type of agent present: G, V, H

M8 Detection Paper - Each booklet contains 25 sheets, dimensions 10cm x 6.5cm. When exposed to a chemical agent, the sheets turn various colors depending on the agent to which they are exposed. To determine which agent is present, simply compare to the chart inside the booklet. Although the booklet contains 25 sheets, less than 1/8th of a single sheet is required for each test. We recommend using whole sheets so that the color change is easily noticeable, however, one booklet could be used to perform hundreds of tests in a critical situation if sufficient M8 test paper was not available. M8 Detection Paper is designed for long term storage under severe environment conditions, shelf life is unlimited when kept dry.

M9 Detection Paper - Comes in a 10 meter roll in a dispenser box. The M9 paper has a self-adhesive backing enabling pieces to be affixed to surfaces quickly & easily. In original white protective packaging, M9 paper has a shelf life of 3 years; Once protective packaging has been opened, paper should be replaced or discarded after 6 months.

3-Way Detection Paper - Booklet of 12 sheets (10cm x 6.5cm). The 3-Way test paper has a self-adhesive backing & affixes to surfaces quickly & easily. Just like the M8 paper, the shelf life is unlimited and the test specifically identifies the type of agent present (G, H or V)

C8 Chemical Detection Paper vs. M9 Chemical Detection Paper
• UNLIMITED shelf life
• Weighs less than 7 grams per booklet
• Stapled booklets of 25 sheets, sealed in plastic
• 1 booklet is capable of performing 100’s of tests
• No adhesive backing
• 3 colors specific to each G, H or V agent
• 3 year shelf life in original packaging
• 6 mos. shelf life after opening white packaging
• Comes as a 10m roll in a dispenser box
•Each roll is capable of performing 1000’s of tests
•Adhesive backed for easy application / use
•1 color signifying G, H or V agents are present

Specifications - Chemical Agent Liquid Detectors - M8, M9, 3-Way, NAVD
NSN Number
Agents Detected
Shelf Life
M8 (C8)
G, H, V (in liquid)
G, H, V (in liquid)
3 Years
G, H, V (in liquid)
Test Kit
G, V (in vapor)
4 Years
* The M9 comes as a 10m roll of detection paper in a dispenser box

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