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C-420 PAPR Respirator System

Scott’s NIOSH approved C420 Powered Air Purifying Respirator, unlike traditional industrial PAPR’s is designed for use in Domestic Preparedness environments. The C420 PAPR provides a cooling/fanning effect and a lightweight design which provides user greater comfort for extended wear times.

• NIOSH approved Mil-Spec System
• Sleek, low profile that is lightweight and comfortable
• Designed for use in Domestic Preparedness and industrial environments
• Meets stringent NIOSH airflow and Mil-Spec vacuum test requirements
• Shielded motor will not interfere with radio communications
• Onboard battery provides up to 10 hours of performance
• Standard military battery has a 10 year shelf life
• Easy decontamination

Read a complete description below
C420 PAPR System Info Sheet (.pdf format)
C420 PAPR System Color Brochure (.pdf format)
C420 Questions and Answers (.pdf format)
Scott Industrial Safety Catalog (.pdf)
Scott Homeland Security Catalog (.pdf)
C420 PAPR respirator system is used in true HazMat conditions or wherever a gas mask is worn for prolonged periods
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Rechargeable Battery 3 - 4 hr runtime. 500+ charge cycles; NSN 6140-01-500-9672
Battery Cap Assembly Allows use of NiCad battery with C420 blower NSN 6130-01-500-9676
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C420 PAPR respirator system is used in true HazMat conditions or wherever a gas mask is worn for prolonged periods
M95 respirator facepiece can be used with the c420 papr or any 40mm gas filter
C420 Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR system
C420 Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR system

C420 PAPR system NiCad battery charger
C420 PAPR Lithium battery pack
C420 Powered Air Purifying Respirator PAPR system
C420 PAPR hard plastic carrying case
C420 PAPR blower pouch for MOLLE or STRIKE configurations
M-95 Long Life NBC Gas Mask Filter Canister

C420 NIOSH-Approved PAPR (TC-23C-2188) HE/OV/AM/CL/HC/MA

A joint development by the U.S. Army SBCCOM, the C420 is used in the Apache Helicopter program. The C420 is also fielded by Special Forces units within Joint Special Operations Command (JSOC), and is highly favored by Federal tactical units including the FBI, which has purchased over 1,000 units.The C420 is fielded in U.S. and U.K. Army NBC casualty bag and patient wrap programs with thousands of units presently fielded. The C420 is the blower of choice for both military and civilian next generation NBC protective programs and products.

Recent terrorist events have clearly illustrated the need for PAPR units. Any major incident involving WMD will rely heavily on the local responders to independently manage incidents, with local resources, for up to 72 hours. The ability of those local responders to remain effective will depend greatly on them having appropriate equipment. While SCBA equipment is absolutely necessary to assess the dangers present at a site, one key to effective incident response is having the appropriate equipment in the hands of the users and for those people and equipment to remain, over extended periods of time, as effective as is possible. The 25 pound weigh of an SCBA will eventually takes a physical toll on the responder. Wearing an SCBA on his or her back during those three days (because PAPR’s are not available for use in a warm zone environment) will limit their effectiveness at an incident site.

In response to the demand from law-enforcement agencies and first-responders to have a live agent tested* unit with NIOSH approvals, one modified configuration of our Military C420 PAPR was approved by NIOSH. (TC-23C-2188) HE/OV/AM/CL/HC/MA. Our NIOSH -approved unit offers law enforcement agencies, first responders and the domestic preparedness market the safest Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) unit available. Federal, State and local first responders and emergency medical care givers now have a higher level of protection.

The C420 PAPR provides a constant, filtered airflow of between 90 and 140 lpm to the users facepiece thus providing user’s with a higher safety factor due to positive pressure in the mask. The airflow helps prevent the user’s facepiece from fogging and also greatly reduces breathing effort as the powered air flow greatly reduces the additional pulmonary stress associated with negative-pressure respirators. This reduction in stress facilitates heavy work performance even under extreme climatic conditions, greatly extending strength, ability and mental acuity by providing a high degree of comfort. This is due to the cooling effect of the filtered air into the facepiece and its comfortable fit, even after extended user wear times in humid, heated and highly stressful missions.

Unlike many unsealed commercial PAPR’s, the C420 can be effectively decontaminated of NBC agents and other toxic industrial chemicals. The C420 Blower is air-tight and waterproof (with the three protective port caps properly installed). and may be fully submerged for decontamination. In addition the batteries may be “hot-swapped” during use in a warm zone environment and the battery compartment is also is air-tight, waterproof and decontaminable.

The C420 system, a powerful, efficient, lightweight and comfortable and affordable PAPR with top performing combination filter cartridges, will help ensure your mission success by extending operational endurance.

The C420 Powered Air System is the #1 choice for military, law enforcement, HazMat & emergency response teams. The C420 PAPR is ideal for use in domestic preparedness environments that require a dependable, powered air-purifying respirator. It is NIOSH approved and meets stringent airflow and Mil-Spec vacuum test requirements. The C420 PAPR’s lightweight design & sleek, low profile will not hinder entries and exits when dealing with harmful environments.

The C420 PAPR is ready to go when used with a standard lithium-sulfur dioxide battery pack that has a 10-year shelf life in the original packaging. This onboard battery provides up to 10 hours of performance, over a full shift of duty. User-friendly and complete, the C420 PAPR is belt mounted and designed to ride in the small of the wearer’s back for the ultimate in comfort and support. The motor of the C420 PAPR is shielded to MIL STD 461C so it will not interfere with radio communications. The C420 PAPR comes complete with blower unit assembly, breathing tube assembly and air flow indicator. Power to the unit is controlled by a single recessed on/off toggle switch. The flexible breathing tube, made of EPDM corrugated rubber, does not restrict head movement. Thorough decontamination against NBC agents and other industrial chemicals is made easy with detachable parts that can be leaned according to the situation encountered.

C420 is NIOSH approved with: M95 (shown), ProMask & AV2000 facepiece. 
*Please note that NIOSH does not presently test for CBRN agents. This unit is not approved by NIOSH for CBRN or NBC protection.
Any CBRN or NBC approvals are certified by Independent / Military testing agencies not NIOSH.