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MSA SafeSite System SafeCOM™ Command Center
Part of the MSA SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System, incorporates a graphic user interface (GUI) to manage data collected from SafeCWA Chemical Warfare Agents Detector, SafeVOC Volatile Organic Compounds Detector, SafeTOX Toxic Gas Detector, and other selected system devices. This mobile, transportable unit features a customized screen which displays the site and conveys live readings of all system devices through wireless communication.

The battery-operated or linepowered SafeCOM Command Center gathers data from system sensors, issues alarms and tracks both live and past events in a fixed, GUI format. The SafeCOM Unit is internet-compatible and may be accessed via a standard or wireless internet connection, as well as by PDA or cellular phone. All collected data is encrypted and datalogged by the SafeCOM Command Center.

The SafeCOM Command Center PC is a rugged, self-contained unit using Panasonic Toughbook™ technology and housed in an impact-resistant case. The SafeCOM PC utilizes touch-screen operation, a standard template screen for immediate use and additional available user or MSA configured screens.

• Full graphics capability; user may import graphics, drawings, aerial views, facility and community maps.
• AC/DC or battery operation, with rechargeable option and 12 hours of operation.
• Panasonic Toughbook technology
• Touch-screen operation
• Internet-compatible via standard or wireless connection.
• Adaptable to PDA and cellular phones
• Easily transportable in rugged case at 32 pounds
• Available as 8, 16, 32, or unlimited points
• Reports generated in Microsoft® Excel format from monitored data
• Status of all system alarm devices displayed
• Manual alarm activation
• Communication status display of each monitoring device
• On scan/ off scan controls for each monitoring device
MSA SafeCom Command Color Information Brochure (.pdf format)

SafeSite Command Center 16 $21,750
SafeSite Command Center 32 $24,750
SafeSite Command Center 64 $29,750

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Command Center order form (.pdf format)

SafeCom Command Post for the SafeSite chemical detection alarm system from MSA

SafeSite sofware allows for hundreds of configurations and control
Other SafeCOM Command Center features include a sensitive, remote antenna for best field device communication plus display of gas readings, alarms, on-off scan and alarm summary. The compact and easily transportable SafeCOM Command Center, part of the SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System, provides superior preventative and counter-measure solutions for homeland security, with the reliability and trust that you expect from MSA.

The MSA SafeSite System integrates multiple chemical sensing technologies through wireless communication to provide fast gas detection data to first responders, law enforcement and facilities management. The SafeSite System is also suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in virtually any type of industry, including refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills, water and waste water,mining and general industry.

SafeCom Command Center Specifications: Run Time 12 Hours, Charge Time 3 Hours/Off, 5.5hours/On, AC Power 110/ 220 VAC, Hardware: Panasonic Toughbook Weight 32 lbs, Dimensions 18.5” x 15.25” x 6.875”

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