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MSA Safesite SafeCWA Chemical Warfare Agent Detector
Part of the MSA SafeSite™ Hazardous Gas Detection System, simultaneously detects and categorizes Chemical Warfare Agents ( CWAs ) in the event of a terrorist attack. The ability of the SafeCWA unit to detect chemical threats effectively helps first responders, law enforcement and government agents warn of and respond to chemical weapons of mass destruction.

MSA’s SafeCWA Detector uses Surface Acoustic Wavelength (SAW) technology, providing selective analysis to avoid misleading warnings and false alarms through a thermally modulated sample collection method. SAW sensors convert chemical or physical input into an acoustical variation. SAW chemical sensors take advantage of their inherent surface sensitivity to function and are the preferred signal processing components for varied applications. If a CWA is present, a qualitative signal will be discreetly displayed on the unit. In addition, this signal will also be conveyed via wireless RF link to the remote SafeCOM™ Command Center, part of the MSA SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System.

MSA SafeCom Command Color Information Brochure (.pdf format)

• Applications include emergency response at public events and mass transit
centers, and perimeter and building protection, continuous detection of CWAs

• Communicates live readings to the Command Center via wireless network

• Qualitative go/no-go display with large alarm indicators

• Factory-calibrated and ready for quick deployment and operation.

SafeCWA Detector: $34,500* - Ordering Information
*price varies on configuration

MSA SafeSite Chemical Warfare Agent field detector and monitor
The SafeCWA unit is easily transported and mounted, and may be battery or line-powered as a standalone unit. It may also be integrated into the entire SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System. The SafeCWA Detector also performs self- and system checks with easy and economical field maintenance and operation. Round-the-clock detection of CWAs, for the confidence and reliability that you expect from MSA.

Surface Acoustic Wavelength (SAW) technology, a preferred technology for providing complex signal processing that functions in a sturdy self contained unit, designed to work in complex environmental conditions. The advantages of SAW chemical sensors include high selectivity and fast response. The dynamic range of a SAW chemical sensor is 5-6 orders of magnitude, dependent upon the chemical vapor being measured. Excellent temperature stability and reliability as well as redundant pumps and filters allow for easy operation and infrequent field maintenance and calibration. High, consistent selectivity to concentrations of nerve and blister agents within varied environments. Also wide sensor range for detection of organic compounds from very light to very heavy volatile extremes, as the ability to detect various vapors is determined by the molecular weight and partial vapor pressure. Operates as stand-alone, wireless or permanently integrated small, rugged, and reliable unit within the MSA SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System network.

Specifications:, Sensor Technology Surface Acoustic Wave Microsensor Array, SAW Sensors Analysis Time 20 seconds, Warm-up Time Less than 5 minutes, CWA Alarm Thresholds Nerve Agents (G) Fast Mode–0.3 to 1.0 mg/m or (0.04 to 0.16 ppm) / Blister Agents (H) Fast Mode-1.0 mg/m or (0.14 ppm), Operating Temperature -20° to 50° C, -4° to 122° F, Operating Humidity 0 to 95% non-condensing, Weight/Unit Alone 40 lbs, Dimensions/Unit Alone 24.75” X 19.5” X 9.5”, Weight/In Case (wheeled) 54 lbs, Dimensions/In Case 31.5” x 22.875” x 18.875”

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