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MSA SafeSite SafeTox and SafeVoc Monitors
Part of the MSA SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System, these detect a wide variety of toxic industrial chemicals ( TICs ) and volatile organic compounds ( VOCs ), combustible gases or oxygen deficiency within compact, rugged units. The SafeTox and SafeVOC units allow detection of low levels of these potentially toxic chemicals before they become a major threat.

The SafeTox incorporates the reliability of MSA electrochemical and combustible sensors, while the SafeVOC incorporates photoionization ( PID ) technology for the detection of volatile organic compounds. Both units feature a large LED display, alarm indicator, plus red alarm strobe, amber fault strobe and horn. Signals may also be conveyed to the remote SafeCOM Command Center and the SafeAlert Alarm, both available as options of the MSA SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System.

The compact SafeTox and SafeVOC are easily transported, and may be battery or line-powered. As with other SafeSite Hazardous Gas Detection System components, the SafeTox and SafeVOC may be integrated into the entire wireless system for the reliability and trust that you expect from MSA.

SafeTOX and SafeVOC monitors can be applied in any application where there is a threat of build-up of toxic and combustible gases or oxygen deficiency. These units utilize electrochemical, combustible, and photoionization sensor technology with wide sensor ranges, along with low minimum detectability and resolution ranges in parts per million. SafeTOX and SafeVOC monitors are ideal for First Responders and Hazmat teams. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications in virtually any type of industry including refineries, chemical and petrochemical facilities, steel mills,water and waste water, mining and general industry.

MSA SafeSite TOX and VOC Detector Color Information Brochure (.pdf format)

• Communicate live readings to the SafeSite‘s SafeCom Command Center
or SafeAlert Plus Alarm unit via a wireless network
• Large, four-digit LED display • Three levels of alarm • Audible alarm
• Internal relay contacts for FAULT, CAUTION,WARNING and ALARM.
• Failsafe fault relay output • Diagnostics that appear on the display
• 4 to 20 mA output • Use 110-220 VAC AC power or battery with 12-hour run time

SafeTox Detector (Diffusion) $6215.00
SafeTox Detector (Pumped) $6740.00
SafeVOC Detector (Diffusion) $6825.00
SafeVOC Detector (Pumped) $7740.00

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TOX / VOX Detector order form (.pdf format)

MSA SafeSite TOX VOC chemical detector units

SafeTOX and SafeVOC detectors communicate to the alarms via wireless network
All SafeTox and SafeVOC Gas Monitors, regardless of the gas selected for detection, are housed in a rugged, metal enclosure designed for NEMA 4X.With the sensor mounted external to the enclosure, it is easily replaced by simply unscrewing the sensor housing and removing the plug-in sensor. All SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors are factory calibrated, making them ready for immediate operation.

SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors normally operate in the diffusion mode, but also can be specified with an internal pump in applications where it is necessary or more convenient to draw a sample from a remote location. All SafeTox and SafeVOC assemblies are shipped with a unique Sensorgard which protects the sensor from dirt,water, etc., while allowing gas to penetrate into the unit. The Sensorgard also acts as a baffle in windy environments.

All SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors come standard with a large, 1.75” LED display for local indication of gas readings or any other stored parameter. Additionally, relay contacts are provided for CAUTION,WARNING and ALARM levels.

Although the SafeTox and SafeVOC Gas Monitors feature tremendous stability, it is essential, as with all gas monitors, that it be calibrated periodically with the gas of interest to ensure proper operation. The SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors reduce the possibility of human error when performing a calibration. Simply activate the calibration mode and follow the instructions on the LED display. It instructs the user when to apply zero and span gas. The SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors automatically make any necessary adjustments. There ís no guesswork with the SafeTox and SafeVOC Gas Monitors. The actual gas readout is displayed during calibration. When calibration is complete, the SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors automatically return to normal operation. For convenient record keeping, the SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors date stamp the last successful calibration. The SafeTox and SafeVOC Calibrator offers the Industry ís simplest method of calibration. It is an easy to use, three-button device that allows calibration of the SafeTox and SafeVOC Monitors

Specifications: Gas Types: Combustibles; oxygen; toxics, Temperature Range: VOC sensor: 0° to +40°C; +32° to +104°F / Toxics and oxygen: -20° to +50°C; -4° to +122°F (Range on some models may differ.) / Combustibles: -40° to +90°C; -40° to +194°F, Drift: Zero Drift: <5%/Yr., typically, Span Drift: <10%/Yr., typically, Noise: Less than 1% FS, Accuracy: Repeatability: ±1% FS or 2 ppm (VOC), Linearity: ±2% FS (Combustible; O2; CO), ± 10% FS or 2 ppm (others), Step Change Response: T20 O2 and toxics < 12 sec. (Typ. 6 sec.) / T50 O2 and toxics < 30 sec. (Typ. 12 sec.) / T50 Combustibles < 8 sec. / T90 Combustibles & VOCs < 20 sec. / Humidity: 0-95% RH, non-condensing, Sensor Life: VOC: >1 year / Combustibles: 3 years typically / Toxics and O2: 2 years typically, Full replacement warranty: 1 yea, Hazardous Area Rating: General Purpose, Power Input: 110-220 VAC power input / 12 VDC battery, Signal Output: 4-20 mA: 2-wire current source, Digital: Wireless to Command Center, Internal Relays: Fault, Caution, Warning, Alarm, Interna, Relay Contact Rating: 5 amp @ 125 VAC; 5 amp @ 30 VDC, Battery: Battery type: 12V lead acid, Battery operating time: 12-hour minimum with no alarm activity, Dimensions: Enclosure: 10”W x 12”H x 5”D Weight: 13 lbs.

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