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FR2000 FR 2000 FR2500 FR 2500 PAPR gas mask system
FR2000 FR 2000 First Responder PAPR Gas Mask System
FR 2000 / 2500 First Responder PAPR Systems
Developed for DTAPPS, the US Government Program to Specify &
Prove a Disposable Toxicological Agent Personal Protection System

For rapid use in emergency situations following accidents or terrorist acts that may create chemical, biological or nuclear hazards. Battery powered respirators on stand-by ready for First Responders. Keep in a vehicle or at a convenient location. For Level C use by law enforcement, emergency medical, fire departments, domestic preparedness, hospitals, security, first aid, employees at risk, supervisors and technicians. Evaluated by U.S. Military at Aberdeen Proving Grounds. NIOSH Approved. Uses Super/NBC canisters (see description below). Full facepiece or Tychem hood. Lithium or alkaline cells. Belt worn integrated blower/filter/battery module connects by a breathing tube to mask or hood.

• Effective against a wide range of hazards and chem-bio agents.
• Evaluated by U.S. Army. During testing at Aberdeen Proving Grounds,
exceeded requirements for 100% pass-rate at protection factor 10,000
• Fully NIOSH Approved. Utilizes standard NATO 40mm din connections.
• Positive pressure, constant airflow; Ideal for users with facial hair.
• Both models are lightweight, extremely ergonomic & provide an optimized
balance of pressure & airflow to increase protection.
• Runs up to eight hours before battery change. Powered with lithium or
standard alkaline batteries. Push-button switch on blower for fast access
• Case available for transportation or wall mounting.
• Battery mounts directly to blower for the highest operation integrity.

Comes with NP55-5 NBC combination canisters for protection against toxic agents, chem-bio hazards, gases, vapors & aerosols. Independently evaluated & proven effective against certain levels of war gases, terrorist agents such as nerve gas, blood agents, irritants, choking agents & tear gas. Satisfies CDC recommendations for respiratory protection against particulate bio-hazards. P100 HEPA efficiency, 99.97% effective against aerosols, fumes, mists, radon daughters, radionuclides & dusts. NIOSH approved for use against organic vapors, chlorine, hydrogen chloride, sulfur dioxide, formaldehyde, ammonia, methylamine, & particulates. Standard NATO 40mm thread. 15 year shelf life, sealed for long term storage, 0.7 lbs./filter. See filter page for complete agent testing results.

FR2000 PAPR with Full Facepiece (Tychem Hood available) - Double filter blower, uses 2 - NP5505 canisters & Techniflo full facepiece mask with 40mm NATO connection which provides excellent protection characteristics & exceeds U.S. army protection factors, ergonomic & lightweight (<1.2 lbs.) incl. 5 point harness. Anti-fog nose cup, speaking diaphragm, replaceable visor. Angled connector to breathing tube for increased protection. Lightweight blower under 0.9 lbs. Nominal 5 cfm, NIOSH approved. Snap fit battery with lithium cells (<0.7 lbs.) Optional with standard off-the-shelf alkaline cells.

FR2000 PAPR $495.00 - Add to Cart
(includes FR2000 PAPR blower, 2 filters, lithium batteries, hosing and full facepiece respirator)
FR2500 PAPR $539.00 - Add to Cart
(includes FR2000 PAPR blower, 2 filters, lithium batteries, hosing, Tychem hood and full facepiece respirator)

FR2000 PAPR Storage case
Case is made of a durable plastic and is designed to snugly fit your complete
FR 2000 PAPR system. Excellent for long term storage or transportation.
Compact and organized case may also be wall-mounted for emergency access.

FR2000 PAPR Storage case $79.80 - Add to Cart
First Responder 2000 FR2000 PAPR gas mask kit storage case

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