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Scott NBC 'Long Life' 10yr Gas Filter Canister

The NBC canister is the most effective canister ever developed by Scott Health & Safety. It is suitable for use by military personnel, first responders & law enforcement professionals & is NIOSH approved for an extremely wide range of chemicals & riot control agents. In addition, the NBC canister has the longest protective life of any filter we carry & exceeds the U.S. Army C2A1 requirements for protection against chemical warfare agents (refer to list of agents & test results below).

This canister also contains a highly effective HEPA P100 particulate filtering capability that is over 99.99% efficient. The P100 particle filter (contained within the canister) removes all aerosols and solid particulates, which makes it effective protection against a range of weaponized biological agents & other minute particals down to a size of 0.03 microns in diameter.

• NIOSH Approvals: AM/CD/CL/CN/CS/FM/HC/HF/MA/PH/SD/P100 (see below)
• Approved for use with 54 various Scott respirator configurations & masks.

NIOSH Approvals: Ammonia, Methylamine, Chlorine Dioxide, Chlorine, Chlorobenzylidene Malononitrile (CS) Tear Gas, Chloroacetophenone (CN) Tear Gas, Formaldehyde, Hydrogen Chloride, Hydrogen Fluoride, Methylamine, Phosphine, Sulfur Dioxide, & particulates, dusts, mists & aerosols (P100). Mfg. Part #45123; NIOSH Approval #TC-84A-3944

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Scott Safety Long Life NBC Gas Mask Filter Canister
Scott Long Life NBC Gas Mask Filter Canister

Technical features: Dimensions: Height - 76mm, Diameter - 108mm, Weight - 323 g, Thread: NATO 40mm standard, EN spec 148-1. Casing material: Reinforced impact resistant polyamide / all stealth black nylon construction. Packaging: Sealed with screw cap, inlet plug & outer bag. Shelf life: A minimum of 10 years in when stored properly in original packaging.

Manufactured in a fully ISO 9001 certified facility. Special note: We only sell new production filters, labeled as shown, avoid purchasing from vendors who do not specialize in NBC gear. We sell as many as 10,000 filters per month, therefore we always have newly produced filters, which guarantee the longest shelf-life and are always in accordance with rapidly changing requirements, regulations, materials & specifications. For example, many vendors are selling M95 filters with “rainbow” stripe stickers (3 color bands), which have been out of production since 2001. Always work with a specialist in NBC gear, such as ourselves, as changes in design are not always this easy to identify. Your life may depend on the equipment you choose & the information provided by your supplier.Click here to read the history of HEPA filters

Tested by independent test labs to verify its performance against a range of chemical agents.

DMMP (surrogate for GB) 3000 mg/m3 50 lpm 0.04 mg/m3 >210 minutes*
Sarin (GB) 4000 mg/m3 32 lpm 0.04 mg/m3 >215 minutes*
Cyanogen Chloride (CK) 4000 mg/m3 32 lpm 8.0 mg/m3 30 minutes*
Chloropicrin (PS) 15000 mg/m3 30 lpm  0.7 mg/m3 70 minutes
Hydrogen Cyanide (AC) 5500 mg/m3 30 lpm 5.0 mg/m3 45 minutes

NIOSH - Testing Conditions & Results - 42 CFR Part 84 Gases & Toxic Industrial Materials.
Phosphine (PH) 1500 ppm 64 lpm 0.3 ppm >24 minutes**
Tear Gas (CS) 3 ppm 64 lpm 0.05 ppm >480 minutes**
Tear Gas (CN) 16 ppm 64 lpm 0.05 ppm >480 minutes**
Chlorine (CL) 500 ppm 64 lpm 5.0 ppm >35 minutes**
Hydrogen Chloride (HC) 500 ppm 64 lpm 5.0 ppm 25 minutes**
Sulfur Dioxide (SD) 500 ppm 64 lpm 5.0 ppm >85 minutes**
Formaldehyde (FM) 100 ppm 64 lpm 1.0 ppm >100 minutes**
Ammonia (AM) 1000 ppm 64 lpm 50.0 ppm >55 minutes**
Methylamine (MA) 1000 ppm 64 lpm 10.0 ppm >80 minutes**
Hydrogen Sulfide (HS) 1000 ppm 64 lpm 10.0 ppm >60 minutes**
Chlorine Dioxide (CD) 500 ppm 64 lpm 0.1 ppm >60 minutes**
Hydrogen Fluoride (HF) 70 ppm 64 lpm 3.0 ppm >60 minutes**

* Note: These tests are part of the performance specifications for the C2A1 canister, as specified in military specification MIL-PRF-51560A (EA), 1 July 1997, Performance Specification: Canister, Chemical-Biological Mask: C2A1. The Enforcement Cartridge meets or exceeds the performance requirements of the C2A1 canister for these gases.
** Note: The Enforcement Cartridge toxic industrial materials (TIMs) performance exceeds the 42 CFR Part 84 minimum service life requirements for these gases.
In addition to protecting against toxic industrial materials (TIMs) and the chemical warfare agents listed above, the Enforcement Cartridge offers particulate protection that is over 99.99% efficient. The P100 particle filter removes all aerosols and solid particulates, which makes it effective protection against a range of weaponized biological agents, down to 0.03 microns in diameter.

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