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Scott MPCplus gas filter

- Full protection against all known biological and chemical agents
- Third party tested against chemical warfare gases
- Excellent protection against Sarin (and its surrogate DMMP)
- Nylon body offers valuable permeation resistance to mustard gas
- Particulate filter is over 99.99% efficient against all particulates and is
appropriate for protection against all biological aerosols
- Exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and low breathing-resistance.
- Approved for use with: OV/AM/MA/CD/CL/FM/HC/HF/SD/HE
-Shipped in sealed clear bag with a 5 year shelf life
- Standard 40mm NATO threaded design

The MPC+ has been tested and approved by for use against industrial gases such
as Organic Vapors, Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Methylamine. It also
protects against all known chemical and biological warfare agents such as anthrax,
sarin, smallpox, mustard gas and others. It has as an exceptionally high particle-
filtration capacity and efficiency and low breathing resistance.
Can be used with any 40mm NATO style masks. NBC/CBA/RCA approved.

The MPC+ is a new design, with a 5 year shelf life. Scott part #805557-01

Call for Availability - 877-AGM-1010

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Scott MPC Plus Filter Cartridges offer NBC and BioChemical Protection
Scott MPC Plus Filter Cartridges offer NBC and BioChemical Protection

As a guarantee of the high-grade quality operations Scott Health & Safety has
obtained a certificate for its quality assurance system that meets the requirements
of the ISO 9001 standard that incorporates procedures from product development to
after-sales service. Scott Health & Safety has pursued a policy of quality products
manufactured to the highest standards. The company has a complete range of
respiratory protection fully approved to EN standards. Many products, like particle
filters and full face masks, undergo 100% inspection in production. All the Scott Health
& Safety products carry the CE mark and meet ISO-9001 quality assurance.