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Evolution 5000 Military Gas Mask Kit
- Loaded with extra features!

The Evolution 5000 / K1 gas mask is made for the military and comes as a full kit

Evolution 5000 / K1 gas mask kit, aka HK-1,  comes complete with hood, bag and more
Kit includes : Evolution 5000 gas mask,
NBC filter, tactical bag, & more!

� Butyl Rubber face seal & Silicone inner mask
� Complete Military Setup, includes drop-leg
carry bag, hood & much more!
� Accepts all 40mm NATO filters, side mount
� Includes long-life 10 yr. C2A1 Military Spec.
40mm NBC FIlter
� Filter exceeds U.S. military specs.

Tactical nylon od green carry storage bag
NBC military gas filter exceeds the C2A1 specs of the US military
Butyl rubber hood is specifically designed for the Evolution 5000 mask
Biohazard bag for contaminated material or for waterproofing the kitKit even comes with a cleaning cloth

Evolution 5000 Military
Complete Kit (Mask & Filter Bag & More!) - ON SALE - $229.50 - Add to Cart
Kit Includes: 1 -�Evolution 5000 mask, 1 - New C2A1 Spec. Stealth Black 40mm NBC Filter 1 - Waterproofing Kit, Lens Cleaning Cloth & Watertight container, 1 - Butyl Hood (designed for / integrates perfectly with gas mask) 1 - Military Green Drop-Leg Carry Bag with 7 compartments for all accessories!

Order a SMALL - $229.50 - Add to Cart

The Evolution 5000 Deluxe Kit: BEST VALUE $259.50 (compare at $439+) - Add to Cart
Kit Includes: 1 -�Evolution 5000 Gas Mask 1 - C2A1 Spec. Stealth Black 40mm NBC Filter 1 - Waterproofing Kit, Lens Cleaning Cloth & Watertight container, 1 - New - U.S. standard issue canteen, Stealth Black 1 - Butyl Hood (designed for / integrates perfectly with gas mask) 1 - Military Green Drop-Leg Carry Bag with 7 compartments for all accessories! 1 - Pair Chemi-Pro Glove, 1 - Tyvek / MicroMax Protective Suit with boots & attached hood

The Evolution 5000 Military Gas Mask - Designed for military use, this respirator is also appropriate for tactical, law enforcement & civilian use. Manufactured in a fully ISO 9001 certified facility, this is a TRUE Military mask system. Consists of a butyl rubber facepiece which resists all known chemical & biological warfare agents, a soft rubber inner mask/nose cup designed to minimize lens fogging, and a removable (olive drab) outer hood/second skin made of butyl coated nylon fabric. The mask can be used with or without the outer butyl hood. The facepiece is stealth black & has impact resistant, optically correct, eye lenses. Equipped with voicemitter for clear communications. Comes with a brand new C2A1 long life 10 year stealth black filter canister. Side mounted filter position facilitates the use of weapons & other equipment. Designed to be worn for long periods, this mask has been tested, used & proven in combat & military operations. Available in medium or regular only.

Additional features & extras: Integrated drinking capability for fluid ingestion in contaminated atmospheres. Works with standard issue U.S. canteens. A specialized self-sealing canteen cap and drinking tube connects the canteen to the drinking port on the facepiece. Comes in (a.) water repellant olive drab drop leg style carry bag with compartments for all included accessories: (b.) NBC filter C2A1, 40mm stealth black aluminum; (c.) Butyl rubber coated nylon hood; (d.) Waterproofing bag to prevent moisture damage in wet conditions; (e.) Lens cleaning cloth in sealed container; Total wgt: (complete kit in carrier with all accessories) 3.9 lbs.

You won't find a better protective setup for less. GUARANTEED!!

Click Here to see the Evolution 5000 / K-1 User Manual (.pdf format)

Open the escape hood mask packaging
1.Affix hood & filter
Unlike other escape hoods, the Evolution has both fire and NBC filters
2.Clear the straps to the side
The Evolution escape hood fits most children and adults
3.Pull straps over head

2.Pull straps tight
The design of the Evolution allows use with glasses or beards
4. Pull hood drawstring
The nosecup and hood design of the Evolution hood provides an excellent seal 5. Check filter is tight
The Evolution offers very little breathing resistance and a wide field of vision
6. Cover hole to test seal

6. Breathe normally and escape

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