Approved Gas Masks
Approved Gas Masks
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We are proud to offer the full line of SGE masks. All of these innovative
high-end gas masks are manufactured to the highest standards:
All SGE models meet or exceed the requirements of EN 136
Certified ISO 9002 quality control system

To clear up the confusion, here are the actual facts:
SGE150 is one of the most popular NEW gas masks on the market. 100% of our stock
was manufactured in 2003! From 1 mask to 100,000, no order is too big or too small,
production of the SGE150 & SGE400 is now running 24hrs. to meet your needs.

SGE400 is the newest addition to the SGE line. Its modern tactical design features
three 40mm filter ports, stealth black, special scratch & CW (chemical warfare) resistant
siloxane resin coating is applied to the face shield, & silicone face seal is utilized for
enhanced chemical resistance & user comfort. The SGE400 is NIOSH APPROVED for
protection against a wide range of chemical agents. See the complete list below.

SGE1000 is a military gas mask combining many sought after features: Integrated
drinking system, specially designed NBC resistant canteen (included!), silicone face seal
& inner mask & siloxane coated visor. Fully tested against live CB chemical biological
agents. We still have over 7000 available, but they wont last long.*

Mask Status: SGE150 Current model in 2003 production
SGE400 Current model in 2003 production**
SGE1000 Current stock, recent production*

* SGE150s & SGE1000s were both developed at the same time; SGE150s are being continually produced to meet demand as needed. SGE1000s were manufactured during a single, large production run for the Italian Military during the mid 90s. The Italian military did not purchase the entire supply & the remaining masks were sold to distributors (like us). They have been extensively tested & proven effective by the Italian Military, against a wide range of NBC agents, and are the current issue mask in use today. Unfortunately, future production has not been planned. If or when production resumes, it will likely be produced exclusively for the Italian government. -Well keep you informed, of course.
** SGE400 received NIOSH approval for protection against Ammonia, Chlorine, Chloroacetophenone, Chlorobenzylidene malononitrile, Hydrogen Chloride, Methylamine, Organic Vapor and P100 level particulates.

As a major supplier of respirators or personal protective equipment (please see our about us
page), we strive to ensure our customers receive detailed, reliable and ACCURATE information.
If you have questions about what masks have NIOSH approvals, or the current production status
of any mask, please contact our technical department for complete information. Your life may
depend on the equipment you choose.

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