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SGE 400 Gas Mask

SGE 400 gas mask and a DP (Domestic Preparedness) 'NBC' Filter is one of our most popular respirator systems and one of the best available anywhere at any price.
The SGE 400 series masks are the newest design from SGE and have
many features not found on the SGE 150 and earlier SGE 400 models such as:
A.) Lens treated with a special Siloxane chemical & scratch resistant coating
B.) A moisture relief valve is added for enhanced user visibility & comfort
C.) The entire face seal is made from medical grade silicone which has excellent
chemical permeation resistance, provides a superior seal against the face & is
far more comfortable to wear than conventional rubber face seals.

This mask usually sells for $185 or more and is used by
police departments & military personnel throughout the US

*Now available in small for teens/adults under 5'5". (prompted in checkout)

SGE 400 NBC Full Kit - On Sale $164.50! - Add to Cart

(Kit Includes:
SGE 400 Mask & 1 DP (Domestic Preparedness) 'NBC' Filter



The SGE 400 gas mask and Drager NBC filter are the state-of-the-art in mask technology

Get the SGE 400 NBC full kit, PVC Hood, & the Canteen System for the
Discounted Price of
$224.99 - Add to Cart
Integral PVC Hood Option
Add a PVC hood to your SGE 400. The overhood shroud covers the head, shoulders & upper chest and unlike other overhoods, there are no gaps between the facepiece & hood, as the INFINITY Overhood is permanently connected between the polycarbonate visor & facial gasket, eliminating the possibility of user error & contaminates passing through the seal around the mask. This design leaves the head harness outside the hood, for easy adjustment of the straps.
* you will also be offered this option in checkout when ordering above
SGE 400 NBC full kit w/PVC Hood (factory installed) -
$202.00 Add to Cart
Canteen System Drinking Option
Add the drinking assembly (pictured), that includes mouthpiece, connection port,
hosing, canteen cap and US military issue canteen. Comes installed.
* you will also be offered this option in checkout when ordering above.
SGE 400 NBC full kit w/Hydration System (factory installed) -
Add to Cart

This new full facepiece mask, incorporates significant innovations: the use of a transparent polycarbonate visor, that is also a support structure for all the other components and an extremely ergonomic facial gasket for optimal wearer comfort. Tecnopro - literally means “Technology for Protection”. The first and still inimitable new-generation full face mask. Perfect visibility thanks to its integral polycarbonate visor and incomparable comfort thanks to its bellow shape face seal.

Tecnopro full face masks meet the requirements of EN 136 and are CE marked as well as being fully NIOSH approved for use with chemical agents. Tecnopro full face masks can be used with all standard 40mm NATO threaded filters in compliance with EN 148-1 (DIN 3183) and with powered respirators and airlines. Materials: Visor is made of impact resistant Polycarbonate. Inner mask is made of Anallergic silicone and the face seal is rubber. When used with NBC rated filters, this mask is certified by the manufacturer to provide NBC protection. Total weight is 530 grams. Produced under strict ISO 9002 quality certification standards for maximum reliability & safety.

Soft inner orinasal cup quick release harness with six adjustable straps. Controlled air flow prevents fogging of the visor. Unlike other mask designs, the full facial coverage offered by the Tecno-Pro mask provides wearers with full visability additional face protection from flying debris. The extremely durable polycarbonate visor has been tested to resist a one inch steel ball, that was propelled at 335 MPH without cracking or damaging the face shield. The mask was also tested for heat resistance and will not catch fire or melt at 800 Degrees C (1472 F) for 5 Sec. or 200 degrees C (372 F) for a duration of 6 Min.

SGE Eyeglass Frames
These eyeglass attachments fit inside the SGE 150, 400 or 1000
model mask. Special frames are required as the
earpieces on regular frames won't allow a proper seal.
SGE Eyeglass Holder: $32.98 - Add to Cart

40mm NBC Gas Filter Cartridges
Have been tested and approved for use against industrial gases such as
Organic Vapors, Ammonia, Chlorine, Hydrogen Chloride, Methylamine.
They also protect against all known chemical and biological warfare agents and
have exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and efficiency as well as a
low breathing resistance. Can be used with any 40mm NATO style masks.
*Note: these will not fit MSA masks that use a 'bayonet' style filter.
NBC / CBA / RCA approved
Click here for filter information.

Mask Storage/Carrying Bags
Specifically designed for use with gas masks, these bags all feature belt
loops as well as shoulder straps. Enough room for a mask, filter,
and maybe a few other pieces of gear. We have new BlackHawk Tactical,
and nylon unissued military surplus. They range in price from $13.50 to $54.90.

Click here for more information and ordering.