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Scott / SEA - Premium SE400
Powered Gas Mask System / PAPR - ( SE400AT-2 )

SE400 Powered Air Purifying Respirator with integrated HUD / Heads Up Display Safety Equipment America / Mfg by Scott Health & Safety SE400-AT

The SE400 series fan-supplied respirator does all the hard work of breathing for you by using a fan to draw contaminated air through the filters. This means that all the extra work of breathing is done by the respirator, and there is no extra workload placed on your lungs. In non-powered devices, this extra work can lead to fatigue, exhaustion, raised pulse, higher blood pressure, increased body temperature, and a sense of discomfort.

Some units have minor scratches and handling marks. All units are tested prior to shipment.

SE400 gives you clean air. As much as you want. All the time. No matter how hard you work.

Take a deep breath of fresh air with the SE400 positive pressure demand respirator.

All the air you need

The SE400 gives you true positive pressure air up to and in excess of 400 litres per minute. Conventional fan-assisted respirators give you a mere 120-180 l/min.

SEA PAPR $974.50
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Big savings on filters

The SE400 is not a continuous-flow respirator. Air passes through the filters only as you need it. That's why the SE400 uses 50% less filters on average, compared to other fan-driven respirators.

Know what's happening

With the SE400, you will always know that you are getting the protection you need. Visual and audible alarms alert you to any routine task (such as changing the battery), as well as other events that may require your attention.


Voice transmission is loud and clear. SE400 comes with a microphone in the mask and a powerful external loudspeaker. You can even use it with a 2-way radio.

Single button operation

Put it on. Breathe. It couldn't be easier.

Face pieces to suit YOU

Select half or full face masks in several sizes and materials.

Wear it the way you want

The SE400 can be worn on a backpack, waist harness or standard belt. Fit the hose over your shoulder or around your side.


The SE400 can be worn inside suits of various materials, ranging from disposable dust suits to fully encapsulated gas suits. All suits can be pressurised by the SE400.

Lots of accessories

  • Full range of filters
  • Dust, spray, splash and spark hoods
  • Spark- and flameproof hose sleeves
  • Welding visors for full face masks
  • Backpacks, padded waist belts, harnesses with braces
  • Clear tear-off visor film for spray work
  • Spectacle inserts for full masks, including prescription glasses, low-light lenses, sun shades, etc.
  • Hi-tech operation

  • Micro-processor driven fan operation
  • Continuous self-diagnostics
  • Instant user alerts in case of pressure-drop, motor malfunction, low batteries etc.
  • Can be programmed to alert user when filters need changing
  • Usage information: entire usage history of the respirator is recorded and time-stamped. Can be downloaded to PC for documentation and further analysis