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MSA OptimAir® 6HC Health Care PAPR

MSA OptimAir PAPR Respirator for abatement, nuclear, and other industries with hazardous particulate environments.

Features and Applications:

The respirator filters particulates and provides a constant flow of respirable air directly to the Advantage 3000 Ultravue� facepiece. Because it does not have a breathing tube, the unit is more compact than other powered air-purifying respirators (PAPRs), enhancing user maneuverability and simplifying decontamination.

Complete units include motor/blower, nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, dual-rate charger, one Type HEPA OptiFilter XL cartridge, belt and Advantage 3000. The low-profile NiMH battery pack is lightweight (12.5 oz.), fits close to the body, and is small enough to fit in most pockets. The battery provides eight hours of continuous use, lasting a full work shift. NiMH batteries do not have a "memory effect" like NiCd batteries. The sealed, water-resistant battery pack is designed for easy shower decontamination. The dual-rate smart charger is a standard accessory with this unit. The charger can recharge a battery in less than three hours. An LED indicates battery condition.

Optimair 6HC PAPR Accessories - Respirator
Optimair 6HC PAPR system is made in the USA by MSA - the leader in safety technology
OptimAir 6HC PAPR Hood Kit - $984.99 $834.99 - Add To Cart
(Motor/blower, Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, Dual-rate charger, One Type HEPA OptiFilter XL cartridge, & Belt and Tychem Hood)

OptimAir 6HC PAPR Mask Kit - $979.99 $829.99 - Add To Cart
(Motor/blower, Nickel metal hydride (NiMH) battery, Dual-rate charger, One Type HEPA OptiFilter XL cartridge, & Belt and Advantage 3000)

Optimair 6HC PAPR
More Information: User Manual - HC Hood Bulletin - NIOSH Approval Matrix
• Filters particulates and provides a constant flow of repairable air
• Has a low-profile design that enhances user maneuverability and simplifies decontamination

• Asbestos Abatement
• Chemical
• Electric Utility
• Nuclear
• Paper & Pulp
• Sanding & Grinding
• Welding

• Particulate and Dust
• Toxic Atmosphere Non-IDLH
• Welding
MSA OptimAir PAPR Respirator, abatement PAPR Respirator, nuclear PAPR Respirator

Operation: A battery-powered blower unit pulls air through 2 cartridges & delivers a continuous flow of purified air. The OptimAir 6A is designed to provide air flow in excess of the NIOSH required minimum flow rate. Air pressure in the facepiece or hood is higher than the surrounding atmosphere, so that in the event of a small leak in the facepiece/hood seal, air will flow from inside the facepiece or hood to the outside.This positive facepiece pressure is maintained,even under high work rates. The constant flow of air also provides a cooling effect to the wearer’s face.

Belt-mounted Motor/Blower Unit - Has a highly efficient 4.6v long-life motor & threaded connectors for quick & easy attachment of cartridges.

Breathing Tube - A 30” corrugated breathing tube (or a 19” version when used with a hood) connects the blower unit to the facepiece. A coupling nut allows for easy detachment & cleaning of the tube, while a threaded connector on the blower unit further simplifies removal & cleaning.

Facepieces/Hoods - To accommodate the wide range of users and respiratory protection needs, OptimAir 6HC PAPRs are available with either a 3100 facepiece or a Tyvek hood. The Tyvek hood is designed primarily for workers with beards and other physical features that might interfere with the facial seal of a tight-fitting facepiece. It is available in either shoulder- or waist-length versions. Both feature a knit collar for comfort. The hood has a high-performance air distribution system that helps keep the hood lens fog-free. Its disposable outer cover eliminates the inconvenience and expense of cleaning. For added protection, the hood can accommodate a hardhat whenever head protection is required.When a hardhat is not worn,a Simple Hood Suspension System securely holds the hood.