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MSA OptimAir® 6A PAPR
The OptimAir 6A Powered Air-Purifying Respirator (PAPR) provides respiratory protection by filtering contaminants from ambient air and providing air flow to either a facepiece or hood. Meets or exceeds NIOSH standards for air flow when used with HEPA filters.

The versatile OptimAir 6A PAPR can be equipped with a wide variety of different cartridges to provide protection against particulates, toxic gases & vapors, or a combination of these hazards. The system is ideal for first responders, law enforcement, hazardous materials clean-up, asbestos & lead paint abatement, chemical processing & nuclear facilities work

Features a wide variety of cartidges including CBA/RCA cartridges intendedfor military or domestic preparedness use. 1,500 hour brush-type motor in motor/blower module and maintenance-free lithium battery with 10-year shelf life assure years of reliable use. Optional rechargeable NiCd battery. The perfect choice for persons with beards or problems sealing a mask. NIOSH/MSHA approvals

MSA Optimair 6a PAPR NBC Personal Protective System (.pdf format)

MSA Optimair HC or Health Care hooded model is also available
Optimair PAPR system is made in the USA by MSA - the leader in safety technology
OptimAir 6A Hycar Ultravue facepiece, lithium battery, tube, belt, (req. OptiFilters)
OptimAir 6A Hycar Ultravue facepiece, NiCad batteries and charger, tube, belt, (req. OptiFilters)
OptimAir 6A Hood Kit Tyvek Hood,NiCad batt, charger, tube, blower, belt, 2 OptiFilters XL
OptimAir 6A Rechargable Kit Blower, belt, tube, NiCad battery, charger (req. mask & filters)
OptimAir 6A Lithium Kit Blower, belt, tube, Lithium battery(req. mask & filters)
Ultravue Facepiece Hycar mask (Small, Med, Large)
Millennium Facepiece Hycar mask (Small, Med, Lg) and MSA PAPR adapter

• CBA/RCA Optifilter Cardridges are ideal for domestic preparedness applications, use by law enforcement & first responders.
• Type HE OptiFilter XL Cartridges are HEPA (P100) filters designed for protection against particulates, dusts, fumes, mists & aerosols.
• Type HE Sparkfoe OptiFilters are HEPA filters with a special louvered cover that makes them resistant to sparks or molten metal
OptiFilter HC (CBA/RCA/C2A1) NBC Multi Gas filter for Health Care / FR 6pk
OptiFilter CBA/RCA, GME-P100 40mm GME-P100 Multi-Gas First Responder filter † 2pk
OptiFilter CBA/RCA, GME-P100 40mm GME-P100 Multi-Gas First Responder filter † 6pk
OptiFilter XL Type HE (P100) Particulate filter for the OptimAir 6A hooded kit 6pk
OptiFilter XL Type HE (P100) Particulate filter for the OptimAir 6A hooded kit 50pk
OptiFilter Spark Foe Type HE - MM-PAPR filter 6pk
OptiFilter Spark Foe Type HE - MM-PAPR filter 50pk
OptiFilter GMA-HE, OV/HE (p/n 800376)† 6pk
OptiFilter GMC-HE, OV/AG/HE (p/n 494217)† 6pk
OptiFilter GMD-HE, AM/MA/HE (p/n 494219)† 6pk
† - Cannot be used on PAPR’s equipped with loose fitting Tyvek Hood

The OptimAir 6A is designed to provide air flow in excess of the NIOSH required minimum flow rate. Air pressure in the facepiece or hood is higher than the surrounding atmosphere, so that in the event of a small leak in the facepiece/hood seal, air will flow from inside the facepiece or hood to the outside.This positive facepiece pressure is maintained,even under high work rates. The constant flow of air also provides a cooling effect to the wearer’s face.

For improved worker efficiency, the OptimAir 6A (when equipped with a tight-fitting facepiece) permits fast battery changeovers, even in contaminated atmospheres. To change batteries, simply remove the old pack & replace it with a fully charged one. During changeovers, the respirator functions as a negative-pressure device, providing continuous protection.

Belt-mounted motor/blower unit has a highly efficient 4.6v long-life motor & threaded connectors for quick & easy attachment of cartridges. The sealed, rechargeable battery pack is designed to sustain a charge for an entire eight-hour shift under most operating conditions. Each OptimAir 6A PAPR is supplied with a battery charger that provides a full charge in about 16 hours. A dual-rate charger that provides faster charging & over-charge protection is also available. 30” corrugated breathing tube (or a 19” version when used with a hood) connects the blower unit to the facepiece. A coupling nut allows for easy detachment & cleaning of the tube, while a threaded connector on the blower unit further simplifies removal & cleaning.

The Ultravue and Millennium full facepiece masks come in 3 sizes. Ultravue facepieces come in silicone or Hycar rubber and have a scratch-resistant polycarbonate lens that provides a wide field of vision. Optional lens covers provide even greater scratch resistance. For welding applications, an optional welder’s adapter integrates with the Ultravue Facepiece for added eye protection. The Ultravue Facepiece features an inhalation check valve and an exhalation valve that work together to help prevent exhaled air from entering the breathing tube and contaminating the motor/blower assembly. An integral speaking diaphragm provides intelligible short-range voice communications. The optional ESP Communications System enables crystal-clear, longer-range, voice amplification

Tyvek Hood - The Tyvek hood is designed primarily for workers with beards and other physical features that might interfere with the facial seal of a tight-fitting facepiece. It is available in either shoulder or waist-length versions. Both feature a knit collar for comfort. The hood has a high-performance air distribution system that helps keep the hood lens fog-free. Its disposable outer cover eliminates the inconvenience and expense of cleaning. For added protection, the hood can accommodate a hardhat whenever head protection is required.When a hardhat is not worn a simple hood suspension system securely holds the hood.

Lithium Battery Pack (Disposable)
Protective Covers (protects from water, etc.) 5/pkg
$ 76.48
Flow Check Meter
Flow Check Meter Adapter Allows use with PAPR Hood
OptimAir HC PAPR Blower Module (blower unit only)
OptimAir 6A PAPR Blower Module (blower unit only)
Kit - Charger Conv. Assembly (part #491116)
NiCad Rechargeable Battery Pack
Battery Charger Single Unit with low voltage indicator
Battery Charger Dual Rate PAPR charger
PAPR to 40mm Adapter for MSA Millennium facepiece
Tychem SL Hood Assembly
Tyvek Hood Assembly
Hood Replacement Shoulder length (shell only)
Breathing Tube Connects OptimAir PAPR to 40mm facepieces
Breathing Tube Connects OptimAir PAPR to Hood
Shoulder support strap
PVC Belt Complete waist carry belt for PAPR blower module
Nylon Belt Polyurethane-coated Nylon support belt