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Emergency HAZMAT Decontamination Shower

The Defend Emergency Decontamination Shower is designed to provide decontamination facilities in accordance with OSHA standard 1910.120 without distracting emrgency responders from their primary task. Ideal for a variety of locations, including construction sites, loading docks, agricultural locations and other emergency response areas. Lightweight, compact shower and retention pool require no assembly.

Pool and shower can be stored in convenient carrying bags on virutally any response vehicle. Each requires less than 5 cu. ft. of space. Pool and shower can be made fully operational in less than two minutes by one person. No tools are required for set-up. Quick deployment; shower is fully erect and operational within ten seconds of turning on water.

The shower will accommodate emergency responder in full chemical gear with SCBA. The shower is 8' in height and has a 4' diameter at the base. It is equipped with a 3/4" female garden hose thread.Seven full-cone, wide-angle nozzles provide a spray pattern with full coverage from all directions. Four gallon per minute flow rate at 40 PSI assures users of thorough decontamination with copious amounts of water. The retention pool is 48" x 48" with a depth of 14-1/2". Capacity is 120 gallons. Patent No. 5,469,587

Defend Emergency Decontamination Shower Specs (.pdf format)
Decontamination shower is compact, lightweight and assembles in 2 minutes by 1 man

Decon Shower and Pool Assembly $1,539.00 - Add to Cart
Model 1187 Decon Shower only $962.50 - Add to Cart
Model 1188 Pool Assembly only $598.50 - Add to Cart

The Decontamination Shower kit comes in a sturdy nylon carry and storage bag
The Decontamination Shower kit comes in a sturdy nylon carry and storage bag
Decontamination shower and pool can be set up by one person in under 2 minutes
Decontamination shower will fit any full-sized man with full SCBA or HAZMAT gear