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Child Safe Pro Gas Mask Hood

Child Safe Pro aka Bardas child gas mask hood
Known and used in Israel as the Bardas system. Fits children 3 - 8 yrs old. Positive air pressure keeps contaminates out. Reliable and easy innovative protective system designed to accomodate children from 3 to 8 yrs of age. Protective wrap allows for a non-intrusive seal for a young child, provides positive air flow to the youngster and allows for hydration with an included bladder and drinking device.

The blower motor is powered by 4 Lithium batteries (not included) and provides positive air pressure and cooling airflow to the child. A hood and wide clear lens cover the child to the mid-torso. Specially designed filters with low breathing resistance are connected to a powered blower which pushes air through the canister, creating positive air pressure within the hood. This is the safest and most practical protective system, as the positive pressure prevents leakage through any gaps that exist. Key Benefits: Reduces Stress by providing a constant airflow (2-3 CFM) to the youth. Extremely lightweight, provides greater mobility and wear time. Designed for wide, clear, comfortable vision. Battery 4 pak shown.

Unlike the Scape Hood system the Child Safe Pro is reusable and features replaceable filters and batteries

Complete Hood Wrap, Hydration tube, NBC filter and Blower

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Spare Battery 4 Pack: $28.50 - Add to Cart
Spare Filter: $34.50 - Add to Cart
Bardas Child Safe Pro gas mask hood system
Includes sealed NBC drinking tube system
NBC 40mm filter included

Child/Baby Safe Pro System Spare Filters
These 40mm filters are specifically designed for use with the Shmartaf
infant system and the Bardas toddler system. They meet or exceed the military
C2-A1 filter standards but offer lower breathing resistance than a conventional
filter, prolonging the blower fan life. Sealed with a 5 year shelf life.
NBC 40mm filter for bardas and shmartaf
Spare Filter: $34.50
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