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SCape� CBRN30 NIOSH Approved
APER (Air Purifying Escape Respirator)

Tested and proven for unparalleled protection, the SCape� CBRN30 hood represents the next generation of gas masks. This escape respirator gives a new meaning to the word "user friendly". Traditional gas masks employ face seals to protect the wearer, require multiple sizes to fit the wearer population, require extensive training, and are ineffective for people with beards and eye glasses. The SCape� CBRN30 system technology eliminates all of these issues. When the product is removed from its package the integral blower initiates automatically thereby providing trusted protection to the wearer.

  • Minimal Training Required
  • Simply Open and Put It On
  • Instant-on (and very quiet) Blower
  • Visually Clear Hood
  • Designed for Maximum Comfort
  • Quality Construction Made in USA
  • NIOSH approved - TC-14G-0277

  • scape cbrn30
    Scape CBRN30 Hood (age 3+):
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    Scape Escape Hood is foolproof with only one step