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3M RRPAS Rapid Response Powered Air
Purifying Respirator System (PAPR)

A Powered Air Purifying Respirator system that is stored in a unique carrying bag that transitions into a vest with a PAPR in place and ready for use, with rechargable NiCd battery or 10 year shelf life lithium battery.

This NIOSH-approved system includes 3M Full Facepiece 6800, Breathing Tube Assembly with Clamp, FR40 Gas Canister, Breathe Easy Turbo Powered Air Purifying Respirator Unit, Battery Pack, RRPAS Rapid Response Powered Air Respirator System Bag/Vest, Airflow Indicator. The 3M RRPAS Bag/Vest is part of the 3M Breathe Easy 7 Rapid Response Powered Air System (RRPAS).

The black bag opens up into a vest with the Powered Air Purifying Respirator (PAPR) system in place and ready for use. The vest has hook and loop fasteners that make it easy to use and adjust. It has a comfort pad on the back, a clip for the facepiece and an attachment for ID. Large pockets allow the storage of other gear. All pockets have drains. Lithium powered system also available. Sold with medium facepiece, NSN : 4240-01-494-4590 or large facepiece, NSN : 4240-01-494-4540

Uses any 40mm NATO filter

3M Breath Easy Blower System User Manual (.pdf format)
3M Lithium (Disposable) Battery User Manual (.pdf format)
3M NiCad (Rechargeable) Battery User Manual (.pdf format)

3M RRPAS System (Rechargeable NiCad)
$1189.00 - Add to Cart
Above Kit Includes: 3M BreathEasy PAPR system,
tactical mask, RRPAS bag/vest, 3 FR57 gas canisters,
breathing tube, airflow indicator, NiCad battery and charger

3M RRPAS Breathe Easy PAPR tactical gas mask system NSN 4240-01-494-4540

Looking for complete protection? Click here to see our protective kits for use with this mask.

Breathe Easy Turbo Powered Air Purifying Respirator Unit
As sold with the Breathe Easy hood and the RRPAS, these systems reduce weight without compromising performance. The powered air purifying respirator (PAPR) is ideal for First Responders. This system provides continuous flow of filtered air to the wearer.
The use of 3 filters provides extended wear time and low resistance.
Breathe Easy Turbo Powered Air Purifying Respirator Unit PAPR

Battery Packs for Breathe Easy and RRPAS Systems
Two battery types are available for the Breathe Easy and RRPAS systems, rechargeable NiCad batteries (which require charger). The Lithium battery will deliver 12 hours of power and has a ten year shelf life, however is not rechargable.
Rechargeable NiCad Battery $279.80 - Add to Cart
Disposable Lithium Battery $295.80 - Add to Cart
Lithium and NiCad battery packs for the 3M RRPAS and Breath Easy PAPR

Breathe Easy NiCad Battery Pack Charger
This charger can fully charge a discharged battery in approximately 8 hours.
LED indicates the status of the charge. It has automatic switch over to trickle rate
mode to prevent overcharging. NSN : 4240-01-418-5086
Single Station Charger $154.80 - Add to Cart
NiCad battery charger for the 3M RRPAS or Breathe Easy PAPR respirator system NSN 4240-01-418-5086

5 Station NiCad Battery Pack Charger
This battery charger can fully charge up to 5 discharged batteries in approximately
8 hours. LEDs indicate status of each battery. It has automatic switch over to trickle
rate mode to prevent overcharging. NSN : 4240-01-418-2569
5 Station Multi Charger $849.50 - Add to Cart
5 Position NiCad battery charger for the 3M RRPAS or Breathe Easy PAPR respirator system NSN 4240-01-418-2569

Butyl Hood for RRPAS Systems
This butyl rubber hood fits over any 6000 series gas mask.
Butyl 3M 6000 Series Hood $315.80 - Add to Cart

Breathing Tube Assembly with clamp
This 34 inch breathing tube, with clamp, is used on 3M™ Breathe Easy™ Powered
Air Purifying Respirator(PAPR) Systems and Rapid Response Powered Air
Respirator (RRPAS) Systems.NSN : 4240-01-494-7750
3M RRPAS PAPR gas mask breathing tube NSN 4240-01-494-7750

3M Gas Filter Cartridge FR-57
NIOSH-approved for many toxic industrial chemicals as a high efficiency filter.
NSN : 4240-01-480-1387 NIOSH-approved for: Organic Vapor, Acid Gas (Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine and Hydrogen Chloride), Ammonia/Methylamine, Hydrogen Fluoride, Chlorine Dioxide, Formaldehyde, and High Efficiency Filter. Can also filter a wide range of chemical warfare agents such as: Nerve, Mustard, Tear and Blood agents; Chlorine, Phosgene, Chloropicrin, and Diphenylchloroarsine. Click to read more about the 3M FR57 NBC gas filter

3M FR57 FR 57 NBC Gas mask filter canister

Gas Mask Filter Canisters
We stock Nuclear Biological Chemical and Gas filters for every brand and
model gas mask. Most gas masks use the standard 40mm NATO threaded filters,
but we also carry specialty filters for MSA masks like the Advantage 1000.
NBC gas filters protect against known chemical and biological warfare agents and
have exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and efficiency as well as a
low breathing resistance. Click here for our gas mask filter selection
m-95 m95 ntc-1 mpc plus Scott filters and more
AGM supplies hundreds of Police Departments and Fortune 500 companies with gas masks, gas mask filters, and all types of survival gear from NBC protective suits to Potassium Iodide and medical kits. Before you purchase a cheap, used mask take a look at our new masks from MSA, SGE and more. Many popular civilian gas masks are modeled after military units, like the MSA Advantage 1000. We offer brand new military masks like the MSA Millennium. For complete Nuclear, Biological, and Chemical protection we have new and surplus NBC suits, hoods, gloves, boots and more. Order online or call AGM anytime for all your safety supplies.

Before you buy a worthless $50 surplus mask, read information and warnings here!
Huge selection of gas masks at a guaranteed low price
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