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Responder CSM
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Responder CSM Level A High Performance Chemical Suit
Utilizes a Kappler patented limited-use fabric, Responder was the first material to survive eight full hours of the ASTM F1001 Test Battery with no permeation breakthrough. With over 230 specific chemicals and gases tested to date, you know what you’re getting into with Responder. It’s tough, designed for mobility, and it keeps out the hazards. Responder is the number one choice for today’s hazmat professional. Available in Level A and Level B totally encapsulating suits, coveralls and splash hoods, with seams sewn then strapped for durability and protection. Large view 40mil PVC face shield.
• Patented fabric consisting of multiple film barriers with unique layers laminated to each side of a 3.0 oz/yd2 polypropylene substrate.
• Lightweight and economical, Responder offers additional comfort and chemical protection typically found in more costly suits.
• With more than 230 specific chemicals tested to date, Responder fabric offers the broadest level of chemical protection on the market today.
• The leading fabric chosen by hazmat responders worldwide. Replaceable Butyl gloves.

Responder CSM Special Features
A special version of Responder designed to protect against chemical warfare (CW) agents. Assured protection and qualification - Extensive quality control and quality assurance (QC/QA) testing on both fabric and garments, including roll-by-roll testing of all fabric. Each suit undergoes rigorous inspection and pressure testing. Additionally, one suit per lot is randomly selected for seam and material testing with live toxic agents. Color: Tan. Seams: Double Taped
• 40mil PVC face shield with 5mil Teflon overlay & two exhaust valves. Triple storm flap, attached sock boots, boot flap, replaceable butyl gloves, liners & 48” gas-tight zipper.
• Responder CSM protects against a wide range of agents, such as Lewisite, Mustard, Soman, Nerve, Sarin and Tabun in addition 230+ other toxic chemicals.
Typical Applications: CW handling at military depot facilities and cleanup of military sites by both the U.S. Gov’t and their civilian contractors. Civilian response teams adjacent to CW agent incineration facilities, areas which could be targeted by terrorists or exposed to CW agents.

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