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Approved Gas Masks
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Rampart CPO Chemical Protective Outergarment chemical suit
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Rampart CPO Chemical Protective Outergarment
Chemical and Biological Protection for the Tactical User

The Rampart Protective Overgarment is a two piece system (coat and trousers) designed to be worn as a duty uniform. It was originally designed for the Department of Energy SWAT teams, and is more form-fitting than the DOD JSLIST garment. The coat has an integral hood that interfaces with the FM12, M40 and MCU-2P respirators, and is shorter than other designs, so as not to interfere with the user's utility belt. The trouser has a high bib-type waist, extra wide suspenders, and zipper closures at the leg bottoms. The coat and trousers are packaged separately.

The standard color is solid navy, however camouflage and other colors are available as special order. They are available in ten, user-friendly sizes ranging from small/short up to extra large/long. The materials used in the Rampart Overgarment are virtually the same as those used in the JSLIST garments. The outer shell is 50% cotton/50% nylon ripstop poplin with a Quarpel oil and water resistant finish. The liner is composed of our Lifetex® CD2560.

The system has gone through user evaluations and meets performance requirements similar to those in the JSLIST program. It provides the wearer protection against all known chemical and biological agents in a system which is lightweight, launderable and imposes the lowest possible level of heat stress for a system of its type.
Tactical gloves - Mil Spec swat and flight gloves with NOMEX

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