Approved Gas Masks
Approved Gas Masks
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Lanx CPO CHemical Protective Outergarment chemical suit
Non-Flame Resistant Colors: Woodland Camouflage, Desert Camouflage, Navy Blue, Black, Black Tactical Tiger Stripe, Safety Orange, and White. Flame Resistant in Navy Blue only.

Lanx CPO Suit $298.50 - Add to Cart
Flame Resistant $329.50 - Add to Cart
CPO Gloves $69.80 - Add to Cart
Lanx CPO Chemical Protective Outergarments
LANX Fabric Systems comprise a family of WMD protective products that
are adsorbent, durable, air permeable, user comfortable and fire resistant as
required. The base adsorption technology is polymerically encapsulated
activated carbon. This unique technology provides extremely uniform carbon
distribution and chemical protection.

Official protective apparel of the Center for Domestic Preparedness, hosted by the D.O.J. where first responders train in live chemical warfare agents.

Nylon-cotton rip-stop poplin shell with LANX Modified Type I liner fabric.
Provides liquid, vapor and aerosol protection.
Rated for 24hrs in a contaminated 10 g/m2 threat challenge.
Lightweight and air permeable for reduced heat stress.
Tactically sound and logistically practical.
Launderable (6 times) with a minimum 12 year shelf life.
Minimum twelve (12) year shelf life in vacuum packaging and a
minimum of two (2) year shelf life out of the vacuum packaging.
Available in Flame Resistant (FR) or Non-Flame Resistant (NFR).

Available for police departments, government and corporate personnel in several sizes, colors and variations to best suit your needs. Online sizing is very difficult to manage as Lanx suits use chest size, inseam, and waist meausrements to determine proper fit. You may put measurements in "comments" during checkout, but it's best to contact us and obtain size forms and discuss possible lead time.

For use with the Lanx
Chemical Protective Gloves

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