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SafeRoom 8 & SafeRoom 18 Room Air Purifiers
The Saferoom 8/18 Safe Cell is a portable NBC positive pressure emergency air filtration system designed to offer protection in the event of a nuclear, biological or chemical attack when installed in a protected room with a maximum volume of 48-m�/1700-ft�. This system is capable of giving adequate supply of filtered air up to 8 persons (according to Israeli standards). Plastic wrap and duct tape cuts off oxygen supply and the Carbon Monoxide may seriously injure occupants in as little as 2 hours.

The system works by drawing outside air through its bank of 6 filter medias and introducing it into the shelter area creating a slight overpressure. This overpressure is to keep any unfiltered air from migrating back into the shelter area through the cracks.

It also relieves the occupants from wearing gas masks and protective clothing, enabling them a safe, free and comfortable stay.

The system operates from any standard 110-240 volt AC power source. In the event of a line power failure the unit has a double redundant emergency back up system. The first back up the system will automatically revert to the user supplied 12-volt automotive/deep charge battery, and when the power grid comes back on line it will automatically re-charge the battery. The second back up is a manual blower that can be used in case of a dead battery.

SafeRoom 8
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SafeRoom 18
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The SafeRoom filtration systems can be easily installed by most homeowners and provide air unlike plastic sheeting and duct tape

The SafeRoom 8 and 18 systems provide oxygen to a room unlike duct tape and plastic
The wall mount flange for the SafeRoom room air filtration system
Each SafeRoom NBC room air filters come with safety valves and all required hardware
The SafeRoom 18 can filter the air for large rooms of people for extended periods of time

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