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ExoTech™ Hard Shell Disturbance Control System
Enjoy hard-shell protection without sacrificing mobility. The cost-effective, lightweight ExoTech™ System can be quickly donned or removed with ease for riot control, cell extractions, or other tactical applications.
The ExoTech™ provides substantial protection from blunt force trauma. The contour molded PE outer shell features impact ridges that disperse the brunt of the blows, while EVA foam inner padding cushions the body. Soft brush tricot and mesh lines the inside to reduce abrasion and provide long-term comfort.

Simplicity is the key. Each piece of the ExoTech™ system fastens and adjusts quickly with durable polypropylene and elastic straps with Velcro® closures, allowing a custom fit for a wide variety of body types.Comes with a high-quality, durable nylon gear bag for storage and transport.

Upper Body & Shoulder Protector
• PE (polyethylene) outer shell • L2500 EVA foam & 3mm PE (polyethylene) plate chest/back/arm padding • EVA foam & PE plate shoulder padding • Sponge foam & polyester tricot chest/back/shoulder lining • Mesh chest/back/shoulder outer covering • Mesh arm protector lining • Double riveted PP (polypropylene) connector straps and Velcro® fasteners • Adjustment Straps: Commercial grade elastic with Velcro® fasteners

Forearm Protector
• PE (polyethylene) outer shell • EVA foam & PU (polyurethane) sponge padding • Mesh inner lining • 420-denier nylon outer covering • Commercial grade elastic adjusters with Velcro® fasteners

Thigh/Groin Protector

Thigh Section: • PE (polyethylene) outer shell • Laminated EVA foam & L2500 EVA foam • Mesh inner lining • 150-denier polyester outer covering • Elastic adjusters with Velcro® fasteners

Groin Section

• EVA foam padding with mesh outer covering • Inner PE (polyethylene) shell • Commercial grade elastic adjusters and connectors

Hard-Shell Shin Guards
• PVC (polyvinyl carbonate) knee cap • EVA foam knee padding • 600d black polyester outer covering • Tricot & sponge knee & foot protector inner lining • PE (polyethylene) knee and foot protector outer shell • PVC (polyvinyl carbonate) padded suspension braces • Polyester adjusters with Velcro® fasteners • Adjustable/removable foot protector • Padded ankle protector • All components are riveted to outer shell

Proper sizing for the ExoTech™ System must be obtained from a series of measurement guidelines and information found here. Then print and complete the sizing order form here or contact us for a fax or mail copy

Exotech Riot Control System $580.00 - Add to Cart
ExoTech Exo Tech hard shell disturbance riot control protective suit
ExoTech hard shell riot control police protection

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