Approved Gas Masks
Approved Gas Masks
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Press one end of the button and get a bright red laser pointer. Press the other end and get high intensity white LED light for inspection and illumination. Press the same side again and get 400 nm ultra-violet light. All packed into a tiny pocket sized device only 31/4” x 1/2” (83 x 13.5mm) on a key chain. 4 button cell batteries included. Weight: 1.3oz (38g). See the many UV applications below.

Microscope and mulitlight pen color catalog (.pdf format)

Microscope pen is pictured on the left and the Multi-Light pen on the right.

Multi Light 3-in-1 Pen $29.75 - Add to Cart
Go anywhere pocket-sized laser led and Ultra Violet light tool

Gel Electrophoresis Photography, Visualization of stained DNA, bacterial destruction, DNA/RNA cross linking to nylon membranes, hybridization ovens for the Laboratory, thin layer chromatography, ultraviolet shadowing of nucleic acids on acrilyamide and agrarose gels.

Food Industry:
It is necessary to identify rodent presence in all areas of the food industry. Although rodent urine and hair may be invisible in normal light they fluoresce under UV light.

HVAC and Automobile service:
By adding UV powder or liquid to a system, leaks can be identified under UV light.

Check crime scenes for fingerprints (using fluorescing dusting powder) and for some bodily fluids. Locate the presence of accelerants in arson investigations.

Geology & Gemology:
Reveals fluorescent activity in minerals and gems. Jewelers, for example, use UV light to differentiate YAG from tanzanite or synthetic corundum.

Locates dermatological bacteria that glow under UV light. Used in conjunction with an indicator fluid in eyes to check for foreign objects and as a skin treatment for psoriasis, Lichen Planus, eczema, dandruff and seborrheic dermatitis under a doctor's supervision.

Pest Control:
Identifies the presence of rodents, scorpions, lice and other insects.

Used to cure many special epoxies and glues.

EPROM Erasure:
EPROM chips contain a small window, which when exposed to UV light, erases the memory on the chip.

Some passports have images visible only under UV light. Document and forgery analysis: Alterations or changes will sometimes become directly visible when illuminated by UV light.

Access control:
Often access to events is controlled using an invisible mark on a hand or card that fluoresces under UV light.

Currency and stamp verification:
U.S. and many other currencies and stamps contain images visible only under UV light.

Painting and carpet repair and verification:
Many modern inks, paints and dyes may look identical to old colorings under visible light. However, under UV, differences can be seen because the chemical composition of newer substances usually includes synthetic materials.

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