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Economical 1 Person Protective Mask Kit - #PK-101

Kit includes an SGE 150 gas mask, New/Sealed NBC gas filter, lightweight chemical suit with hood, gloves, booties, mask bag, potassium iodide, duffle bag and more!
Kit includes the following: SGE-150 Gas Mask, NBC Filter, Lightweight (Level C) Chemical Suit with Hood, HazMaster Latex Boot Covers, 17mil Nitrile Chemical Gloves, Rugged Nylon Gear Bag (fits all items in the kit) and 1 Bottle of ProKI Potassium Iodide included

ONLY $189.00! - Add to Cart - separately these items cost over $250.00!
*You'll be prompted for your suit size (or height), shoe size and glove size in checkout.
NexGen biohazard protective suit
Simple and effectively designed- the SGE 150 gas mask provides complete NBC gas protection
DP (Domestic Preparedness) Gas Mask Filter
North Nitrile industrial chemical gloves
ProKI potassium iodide - an easy way to protect from radiation
Boots Hazmaster
Rugged Nylon Gear Bag

Description: The SGE-150 gas mask has a single center mounted filter port & provides excellent visibility & impact resistance. A New/Sealed NBC (Domestic Preparedness) Filter is included; these filters exceed the U.S. Army requirements for NBC protection. The Lightweight chemical suit The chemical suit features an attached hood & booties, and elastic wrists. The suit is worn over your regular ‘street clothes’, including your shoes and is easily donned in the event of an emergency. The HazMaster latex boot covers provide additional foot protection & the 17mil Nitrile gloves protect your hands from dangerous chemicals. To keep your mask, filter & other gear accessible when needed, a rugged nylon gear bag is also included. All these items fit neatly into the black nylon gear bag so that your equipment is stored together and is ready in the event of an emergency when seconds could make the difference.

#PK-101- Economical 1 Person Protective Kit: Our Price $189.00 - Add to Cart
*You'll be prompted for your suit size (or height), shoe size and glove size in checkout.