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MSA CBRN Approved Millennium Gas Mask
The First CBRN Certified Respirator!

" When the Line Must Be Crossed..." First Responders are the ones who must cross the line into danger. Their respiratory equipment must be ready and reliable to protect them against potentially lethal airborne threats.

MSA's NEW Millennium CBRN Gas Mask was the FIRST NIOSH-certified CBRN full-facepiece air-purifying respirator (APR). When the CBRN approval was first introduced, there were only 2 masks approved: The MSA Millennium and the 3M Fr-M40b. The Millennium gas mask provides first responders with effective respiratory protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents that might be used in a terrorist attack. (NIOSH Approval number TC-14G-0270)

MSA has manufactured gas masks for almost 90 years and understands how critical CBRN protection is to first responders. MSA is proud to be the first to have met the challenge of meeting the new NIOSH CBRN standards and to provide the equipment to protect first responders in the battle against terrorism. Read more about this in MSA's CBRN Primer (Adobe Acrobat Reader .pdf)

With nearly a century of history and success behind it, MSA stands ready to protect Americans – this time against all potential airborne contaminants that could be unleashed by terrorists across our homeland. The Millennium CBRN gas mask is the most up-to-date example of MSA's commitment and unwavering dedication to protect today's and tomorrow's First Responder.

MSA Millennium CBRN gas mask meets or exceeds all performance requirements of the new NIOSH CBRN Standard (read below) by effectively removing harmful gases, vapors and particulates so that the user can confidently breathe safely. The Millennium CBRN canister contains chemical sorbents and a P100 filter to attract, retain, and neutralize contaminants. The Millennium CBRN design is based on a highly successful military gas mask. The wearer enjoys a wide field of view and great flexibility,making it possible to safely perform any tasks required, including firing weapons if needed. The wearer can communicate easily while wearing the Millennium CBRN Gas Mask, too. The mask is lightweight and provides a tight seal on the face. A nose cup is also incorporated for reduced fogging of the facepiece. The material is impermeable to chemical agents such as mustard (HD), providing maximum assurance to the wearer. A butyl coated nylon hood also is available for total head protection. Regarding interoperability, the Millennium CBRN Gas Mask is designed as a system and while the thread and gasket are designed to meet the requirements of the standard, only the manufacturer’s assemblies are tested and certified. The mask also permits hydration once the wearer has moved to an uncontaminated area.The CBRN version is the same as a regular Millennium mask (pictured) but with a specific CBRN certified gas filter cartridge.

• Canister inlet ports on left or right side enables weapon sighting from either side
Six-point head harness means easy donning and adjustment with no hair pulling
Super-soft black Hycar rubber exceeds CBRN permeation requirements
Flexible, one-piece polyurethane lens eliminates uncomfortable pressure points
 • Flexible polyurethane wide vision lens bonded to Hycar rubber facepiece
• Drinking tube connection for fluid ingestion in contaminated atmospheres
• Internal nosecup with 2 check valves deflects air from the lens, reduces fogging
• Standard mechanical speaking diaphragm included,
or add MSA’s optional ESP® II Communications System
or the hard, removable outsert (outer protective lens), available in clear or tinted. Adds impact & scratch protection!
The outsert features a low-profile & is compatable with riot gear.

CBRN Millennium mask kit - $698.75 - Add to Cart
Includes: Mask, clear outsert and CBRN Cartridge
Millennium mask only- $638.75 - Add to Cart
Includes: Mask and clear outsert but no filter.
Additional MSA CBRN filter- $89.75 - Add to Cart

CBRN Millennium CBA RCA CBRN Certified Gas Mask
New CBRN Primer from MSA (.pdf)

New CBRN Millennium Catalog Info (pdf)

MSA CBRN Certification Release (pdf)

Millennium Facepiece User Manual (.pdf)

Millennium Color Catalog (.pdf)

MSA gas challenge approval chart

MSA First Responder WMD Guide (.pdf)

Information about the new CBRN Approval standard and the MSA Millennium Gas Mask
Government and industry representatives had been working on defining standards for protective equipment to safeguard individuals against airborne terrorist attacks prior to the events of September 11, 2001. Following that day’s attacks, efforts were accelerated with establishment of the National Personal Protective Technology Laboratory in Pittsburgh, which took on the role of certifying new standards for CBRN respiratory protection and clothing. The new National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) CBRN standard for full-facepiece gas masks was issued on March 7, 2003. In conjunction with U.S. Army Edgewood Chemical Biological Center it tests and approves devices as “CBRN compliant” and establishes very stringent testing and certification protocols for:
• Chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear agents.
• Mask penetration and permeation.
• Carry and transportation.
• Use performance.
• Quality assurance.
The new NIOSH standards also establish:
• Performance requirements for protection against high concentrations of agents (the shortest period being 15 minutes).
• Parameters on environments and applications where masks are to be used, including warm zone environments (locations away from the highest concentrations) and crisis provisions (should terrorists deploy a secondary device as responders arrive at the scene).
• Representative degrees of agents,working on the idea that preparing for the worst potential in a family of chemicals would enable protection against the entire family of agents.
• Rules for testing service life, particulate efficiency, permeation and penetration, fit factors, field of view and interoperability.
• MSA has been an active participant and contributor to the process of determining these new standards and is considered to be a leading expert.

Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Nuclear hazards which could be used in a terrorist attack
Chemical agents include cyanide, mustard gas, ricin, sarin and VX, each of which represents multiple sources of physical distress, some leading even to death. Certain chemical agents attack the central nervous system, disabling the body’s ability to control its functions and permitting muscles and organs to work themselves to death. Others attack the skin and mucous membranes on contact, causing severe blistering.

Radiological and Nuclear threats include “dirty bombs,” or radiological dispersal devices combining conventional explosives like dynamite with radioactive materials in the form of powder or pellets. Classic nuclear hazards are those associated with the aftermath of detonation of a nuclear device. Radiation cannot be seen, smelled, felt or tasted by humans.

Biological agents include anthrax, botulism and smallpox. These agents are bacteria or viruses endangering the life and health of organisms, specifically human beings. Some multiply within the body to release toxins into the blood, others paralyze muscles, still others are severe and contagious viral infections.

MSA ESP II Voice Amplifier
Fits onto the MSA Advantage 1000 and MSA Millennium
in seconds. Features:
• Attaches in seconds w/spring loaded clips • Simple pushbutton On/Off switch
• Automatically turns off when removed • Runs on 2 x AAA batteries (included)
• Lightweight, small and rugged • Amplifies any voice much louder than the
built-in voice emitter diaphragm • More recognisable speech More...

MSA ESPII Voice Amplifier: $398.50 - Add to Cart
MSA ESP2 system fits the Advantage 1000 or Millennium NBC Gas Mask
< click for more info >

MSA Millennium Spectacle Frames
Made by MSA for use only with the Millennium masks.
The earpieces on regular eyeglasses break the seal of a gas mask.
These frames (lenses not included) are fully contained within the mask.

Millennium Spectacle Frames: $74.50 : Add to Cart
Specially designed frames fit the MSA Millennium gas mask

MSA Protective Polycarbonate Lens
Hard polycarbonate lens outsert, snaps into place over the Millennium facepiece
lens, providing additional impact protection. Mask comes standard with a clear.
Tinted outsert helps conceal identity (suitable only when sufficient light exists).

Millennium Clear Outsert Lens: $48.75 : Add to Cart
Millennium Tinted Outsert Lens: $53.75 : Add to Cart
MSA Millennium mask shields for added protection

Gas Mask Storage/Carry Bags
Specifically designed for use with gas masks, these bags all feature belt
loops as well as shoulder straps. Enough room for a mask, filter, and maybe
a few other pieces of gear. We have the BlackHawk or Infinity tactical nylon
pouches or unissued military surplus. They range in price from $13.50 to $54.90.

Click here for more information and ordering.
Military Surplus Gas Mask BagBlackhawk Tactical Gas Mask Bag
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