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MSA Banana Oil Qualitative Fit Test Kit
The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) requires fit tests to ensure proper fit for workers who use respirators. There are two accepted methods to verify an adequate face-to-facepiece seal: quantitative and qualitative testing.
Quantitative testing methods rely on objective data to determine a proper fit. With this type of test, special facepiece adapters or probed facepieces allow air samples to be drawn from inside a facepiece to determine if there are any breaks in the facepiece seal. As a result, the test produces quantifiable results.

Qualitative fit test methods are subjective in nature and rely on the judgment of the test subject. A proper fit is determined if the respirator wearer does not detect the taste or odor of a test solution in a controlled environment. We offer a wide range of accessories for both test programs.

Easy, effective and cost-efficient way to ensure proper fit of MSA tight-fitting half-mask and full- facepiece respirators. Testing can be done in accordance with Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) protocols. Accessories available for both qualitative and quantitative fit-testing programs. QuikChek™ Series Adapters attach easily to MSA facepieces; eliminate need for special probed facepieces for quantitative tests.

MSA’s Banana Oil Fit Test Kit differs from the other kits in that it relies on a test subject’s ability to detect a 95 percent pure solution of Isoamyl Acetate (banana oil). It includes a clear polyethylene bag, a 24-inch diameter top frame with spring clamp, eyebolt and pulley, a 50-foot cord, four one-liter glass jars with metal lids, one eye dropper, a syringe, Isoamyl Acetate solution and detailed instructions on how to conduct the test according to OSHA protocol.

Banana Oil Test Kit - Pelican Case $589.50 - Add to Cart
Banana Oil Test Kit - Plain Box $314.50 - Add to Cart

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