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Comfo Elite® Half-Mask Respirators
The Comfo Elite Respirator provides protection against a variety of respiratory hazards. The respirator uses chemical cartridges or aerosol filters, or a combination of the two, to remove specific contaminants from the inhaled air. The filters/cartridges are interchangeable among other MSA Twin-Cartridge Respirators.

The Comfo Elite Respirator is available in standard black silicone, which has a unique sealing surface designed to reduce facepiece slippage, formulated to maximize comfort and minimize the possibility of skin irritation, yet are resistant to chemicals and facial oils.
The sealing surface matches facial contours to distribute pressure evenly over your face. A cradle headband, which allows the wearer to adjust the facepiece while wearing, is standard.

Approvals and Standards: Requiring only routine filter replacement, the Comfo Elite Respirator is approved by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) for use against a variety of respiratory hazards.

Hazards Applications: Particulate and Dust, Welding, Asbestos Abatement, Electric Utility,Hazardous Materials, Mining, Nuclear, Oil and Gas, Paper & Pulp, Sanding & Grinding, Spray Painting

MSA Comfo Elite Half Mask User Instructions (.pdf format)
MSA Twin Cartridge Respirators (.pdf format)

MSA Comfo Elite Half Mask $29.40 - Add to Cart
Includes mask only, filters are sold seperately here

MSA Comfo Elite half mask is made from a black silicone rubber for a great fit
Please note that due to the many filter
variations possible with this mask,
we offer the mask without the
gas filter cartridges sold here.

You'll be prompted to choose small,
medium or large in checkout.

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