Approved Gas Masks
Approved Gas Masks
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OSHA approved first aid / medical kits
10 Unit (73+pcs):
$29.50 - Add to Cart
Unitized medical kits compartmentalize the different medical supplies
24 Unit (159+pcs):
$79.50 - Add to Cart
Unittized Medical Kits are arranged by category of need
36 Unit (226+pcs):
$117.50 - Add to Cart

Standardized / Unitized First Aid Medical Kits

� Unitized first aid kits are available in 3 sizes: 10 unit (73 pcs. plastic), 24 unit (159 pcs. steel), 36 unit (226 pcs. steel).
Each carton is color-coded for quick identification: Yellow = Bandages Red = Burns Blue = antiseptics Green = special or misc

The contents of each standard assortment has been carefully selected on the basis of past usage and anticipated need for most general industrial & emergency situations. All kits come in durable metal cases with rounded safety corners & rubber waterproof gasket, first aid instructions, carry handle & wall-mount bracket. Lid opens to 90 degrees & can be used as a shelf on all steel kits. Note: Larger kits contain additional (more expensive) items not found in the smaller units. Graphically presented instructions assist in the proper application of each item. Unitized kits contain color coded cartons which are easily identified & include lot number and expiration date, providing traceability and compliance with FDA requirements. Clear plastic wrapping on each package maintains cleanliness and minimizes the possibilty of moisture damage. Unitized packages are held together in a highly organized arrangement, like books on a shelf. Kits meet or exceed ANSI Z308.1-1998 standards.

Special Requests / Custom Silkscreening: All kits may be customized with YOUR company logo.
Ssetup fee $25 (for first order only), miminum order is 2 cases of or more of filled kits.

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