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EH20 CBRN Emergency Hood

EH 20 CBRN Emergency Escape Hood - Gas Mask Kit

$159.40 (50+ units)
$167.38 (10 to 49 units)
$177.94 (3 to 9 units)
$189.00 (1 to 2 units) -

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Simple, Fast Effective Protection against CBRN threats

Evacuate from a potentially lethal CBRN environment with Avon's EH20 Emergency Hood.

The EH20 is a purpose designed single use CBRN Emergency Hood developed with assistance from the UK Police National CBRN Centre, Winterbourne Gunner. It provides a compact, fast, effective solution for escaping from a chemical, biological or radiological release. In less than 30 seconds you can be protected; just open the pouch, rip the pack, don the clear view hood and make your escape. At least 20 minutes of protection is provided against CBRN agents, allowing you to get to safety.

  • 2 low profile filters for low breathing resistance and unrestricted vision.
  • Only takes 30 seconds to deploy
  • Can be worn on a utility belt
  • Made of clear polyurethane to aid recognition.
  • Protection against a range of CBRN airborne contaminants and splashes.
  • Eh20 CBRN Emergency Escape Hood bag
    Is stored in an impermeable foil bag inside a double reinforced pouch. Comes with a Outer pouch that protects it from general wear and tear and punctures.

    EH20 CBRN Emergency Escape Hood - Gas MaskEH20 CBRN Emergency Escape Hood - Gas Mask
    Highly elastic non-dermatitic neck seal for easy donning. P3 particulate filter for high filtration efficiency against dusts, aerosols and bio-hazards. Silicone elastomer nose cup for maximum comfort. One size fits all adults. Usable with spectacles. Expiration date of 2017

    EH20 is CE certified to the European PPE Directive 89/686/EEC by TNO Certification, The Netherlands. Certificate # C07-6966
    PDF ImageEH20 CBRN Emergency Escape Hood User Instructions / Specs