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B.O.S.S. 6000 Series Tactical Eye Protection
The B.O.S.S. 6000 Ballistic Optical Safety System is an entirely new approach to eye protection. We worked in direct cooperation with SWAT professionals to create a hybrid design, embodying characteristics of both sunglasses and goggles.

The B.O.S.S. is tested to ANSI standard Z87.1, features a revolutionary aircraft alloy frame; an impact-resistant, anti-fog polycarbonate lens that provides 100% UV protection; On-the-Fly™ tear-offs; and a self-centering strap that can be adjusted while wearing.

The rigid alloy frame will not deteriorate like traditional rubber or plastic goggles and will last a lifetime. Most importantly, it prevents the lens from flexing to provide dimensionally stable optics. Its sleek design will fit under virtually any helmet, gives 100% peripheral vision and allows scopes and sights to be held in proper proximity to the eye.

The B.O.S.S.’s unique non-sealed fit ensures ample air circulation, keeps you cool and helps control fogging.

Adhesive On-The-Fly tear offs lens covers, available in clear, yellow, or smoke, allow the wear to quickly remove debris or adjust for changing light conditions during critical tactical maneuvers.

BOSS 6000 Goggles $105.80 - Add to Cart
BOSS 6000 Tactical Sunglass SWAT goggles

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