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Butyl Rubber Gloves

These butyl gloves exhibit the highest permeation resistance to gas or water vapors of any glove compound available today. Ideal for use in ketones, (M.E.K., M.I.B.K., Acetone) and esters (Tricresyl Phosphate, Amyl Acetate, Ethyl Acetate). If needed, we can special order all North butyl gloves with “Grip-Saf” palm and fingers for a better grip under wet conditions. Available in several thicknesses and lengths to provide the right glove for your application. Excellent quality control, ISO 9001 certified production facility. Comes with cotton liners.

• Curved fingers & hand design • Flexible at low temperatures
• Made in the USA • Available in 11” & 14” Lengths
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11" length 13mil $19.80 - Add to Cart
11" length 16mil $23.80 - Add to Cart
14" length 17mil $32.90 - Add to Cart
North butyl NBC rubber gloves offer the highest levels of chemical protection

14" length also available in
25mil Mil Spec butyl gloves