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SPR Fingerprint Spray
Detects fingerprints on non-porous (even moist) surfaces, light or dark. Simply spray the suspect surface with SPR. See an immediate result that can be lifted when dry. No risk to you or the environment. SPR Spray is the long awaited solution for detecting fingerprints on wet, light and dark, non-porous surfaces.

This is a truly unique product. The old-fashioned method of fingerprint detection, based on dispersed particles in an aqueous solution, required mixing the powder, water and other ingredients in the field and applying propellants and other tools. This process was messy, cumbersome and the whole point of simplifying and expediting the work of the Scene of crime officer was missed. Furthermore, the powder would simply create a thick mud-like liquid and would stick to everything. In cases where fingerprints had to be found quickly, and in several locations, this method was impractical.

SPR Fingerprint Spray is a valuable investigation tool that helps preserve and collect important evidence at the scene of the crime. In most cases it can be used by less trained personnel, saving valuable time of laboratory techniques. Easy to carry, simple and safe to use.
Manufacturer's Technical Data and Background (.pdf format)

Application: Just shake the can, spray evenly on a vertical surface where fingerprints are sought. The fingerprints appear in seconds. After drying, the fingerprints can be lifted and preserved as usual.

Directions to use: 1) Shake well before use. Spray away from body on to surface from a distance of 20-30 cm until the whole surface is wet. Spray a continuous stripe over the area that was previously sprayed. DO NOT USE ON HORIZONTAL SURFACES: The fluid flushes the surface and coats it with the spray (black or white). 2) Let the excess liquid drip. Image development may take longer with SPR white. 3) Wait until the area is completely dry. 4) Lift the prints as usual or photograph the prints before lifting.

SPR Black is an aerosol-based fingerprinting product for the development of latent prints on wet, light, smooth non-porous surfaces. Earlier methods based on dispersed particles in aqeuous solutions required the field mixing of powders, water and other ingredients to achieve similar results. The process was messy and cumbersome. Furthermore, the powder often created an ineffective mud-like liquid. SPR Black or White overcomes past problems by incorporating product modifications, which result in a prepackaged solution that is warranted with a shelf life of 1 year. As an investigative tool, it helps preserve and collect important evidence at the scene of the crime.

SPR Fingerprint Spray (black) $21.90 - Add to Cart
SPR Fingerprint Spray (white) $21.90 - Add to Cart

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