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North CBRN 40mm Filter Cartridge

The North 54500 Series Gas Mask has a dual cannister mount for USA Military, EN and NATO (40mm) type thread cannisters. The dual cannister mount enables the single cannister to be mounted on either side of the facepiece for left or right configuration. The gas mask is black with a single polycarbonate lens, internal oral/nasal cup and four strap head harness. The 40CBRN Canister is a non-reflective black, CAP-1 canister for Chemical and Biological Warfare Agents, Riot Control Agents and Toxic Industrial Materials. The filter is classified as a P100 particulate filter that will protect against all known biological agents. The Canister has a standard 40mm thread, which allows it to be used with all US and NATO military gas masks.
  • NIOSH/CBRN approved mask. Highest level of protection and performance requirements.
  • CBRN Canister can be attached to either side of mask.
  • 40mm DIN threads allow for inter-operability in an emergency

MSA CBRN gas filter has more NIOSH approvals than any other

Single: $68.75 - Buy Now
3 Pack: $196.25 - Buy Now