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Approved Gas Masks
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3M CBRN Gas Mask Filter Cartridge FR15
A single DIN threaded cartridge that has the brand new NIOSH CBRN approved filter providing first responders with effective respiratory protection against chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear (CBRN) agents that might be used in a terrorist attack. The CBRN NIOSH approval standard is the most comprehensive was just implemented by the federal government in 2004.

As a “Cap 1” approved canister, the FR-15-CBRN is tested by NIOSH to have a minimum test life of 15 minutes against contaminants and concentrations shown in the table.
Gas life tests are performed at 25° C; 25 and 80 percent relative humidity; and a flow rate of 64 liters per minute. The canister also has a minimum service life of 5 minutes when tested at a flow rate of 100 liters per minute, 50 percent relative humidity and 25° C for each of the gases/vapors in the table. Service life in actual use may be shorter or longer depending on many factors including contaminant concentration.

- Specifically designed for biological / chemical/ radiological agents
-Particulate filter is over 99.99% efficient against all particulates and is
appropriate for protection against all biological aerosols
- Exceptionally high particle-filtration capacity and low breathing-resistance.
- Standard 40mm NATO threaded,

FR-15 CBRN Filter Canister $78.90 - Add to Cart
FR-15 CBRN Filter Canister 4pk $289.44 - Add to Cart
FR-15 CBRN Filter Canister 20case $1289.00 - Add to Cart

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