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Approved Gas Masks
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MSA tubes and tube pumps are used to check for liquid chemical presence
MSA's detector tube pumps can be used with an assortment of MSA detector tubes to spot-test the atmosphere for a wide variety of toxic substances. The detector tubes are made of glass, have break-off tips, and are filled with treated chemical granules for sampling a variety of substances.

• Quick, simple to use; easy to interpret results • “Go/No Go” style • Can be used with MSA’s full line of pumps • All sold as boxes of 10 tubes • Important: Sold only in the U.S., may NOT be exported

US Army Aberdeen Proving Grounds test report for MSA test tubes (.pdf format)

MSA detector tubes and for Domestic Preparedness color brochure (.pdf format)
MSA Detector Tubes and Pumps Catalog and Specification Listing (.pdf format)
Chemical Warfare Agent Detector
Blister (Lewisite)
Blood & Choking (CG, DP, AC, CK)
Blister -Variety, incl. Mustard Gas(p/n 10007654)
Nerve -(HD) Mustard Gas (p/n 10007653)
Nerve - Sarin,VX,GA,GD (p/n 10007654)
*Remote sampling lines & over 400 tubes for chemical detection are available, call for pricing & information.

Tubing and Accessories
Metal Connection Tube, Req’d for all tubing below (p/n 87970)
$ 4.87
Gas Detection - Sampling Tubing, Length - 10’, (p/n 73067)
$ 23.90
Gas Detection - Sampling Tubing, Length - 25’, (p/n 73068)
$ 69.80
Gas Detection - Sampling Tubing, Length - 50’, (p/n 73069)

$ 174.25

Sampling Pump Accessories
Sampling Line - for Detector Tube (p/n 488780)
Tube Holder Assembly, Tank-CH (p/n 488872)
Flue Gas Kit, (p/n 470321)

Kwik-Draw Detector Tube Pumps
MSA’s Kwik-Draw and Kwik-Draw Deluxe Pumps can be used with an assortment of MSA’s detector tubes to spot-test atmospheres for a wide variety of toxic substances. They are designed for one-hand operation and consistent delivery of a sample draw volume of 100 milliliters (ml). For more complete information, please contact us

Kwik-Draw, Gas Sampling Pump Assembly
(p/n 487500): $279.50 - Add to Cart

MSA Kwik-Draw Detector Tube Pump p/n 487500

Gas-Tester II H Detector Tube Pump

The Gas-Tester II H Pump is set for action by compressing the bellows. A pump stroke is started by pressing the release button. When the sample (100ml) is drawn through the tube, the end-of-stroke indicator changes color. An accurate measurement is obtained because the sample draw procedure itself is controlled only by the specifications of the pump & the flow resistance of the detector tube.

Gas-Tester II Detect H Pump
(p/n 696944): $347.50 - Add to Cart

MSA Gas-Tester II H Detector Tube Pump p/n 696944
Toximeter II Automatic Detector Tube Pump
The Toximeter II Automatic Detector Tube Pump makes the sampling process easier, allowing the user to preset the number of pump strokes (from 1 to 250 pump strokes). Intrinsically safe, the automatic pump works with all MSA detector tubes. It can also be used as a sampling pump. For more complete information, please contact us

Toximeter II Automatic Detection Tube Pump
(p/n 655585): $1139.00 - Add to Cart
MSA Toximeter II Automatic Detector Tube Pump p/n 655585

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