Approved Gas Masks
Approved Gas Masks
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SGE gas masks for police, military and domestic preparedness
TecnoPro Tactical Gas Masks

The new SGE full facepiece masks, incorporate significant innovations: the use of a transparent polycarbonate visor, that is also a support structure for all the other components and an extremely ergonomic facial gasket for optimal wearer comfort. Tecnopro - literally means “Technology for Protection”. Perfect visibility through the integral polycarbonate visor and incomparable comfort thanks to its bellow shape face seal are among the SGE's many superior features.

Tecnopro full face masks meet the requirements of EN 136 and are CE marked as well as being fully NIOSH approved for use with chemical agents. Tecnopro full face masks can be used with all standard 40mm NATO threaded filters in compliance with EN 148-1 (DIN 3183) and with powered respirators and airlines. Materials: Visor is made of impact resistant Polycarbonate. Inner mask is made of Anallergic silicone and the face seal is rubber. When used with NBC rated filters, these masks are certified by the manufacturer to provide NBC protection. Produced under strict ISO 9002 quality certification standards for maximum reliability & safety.

Approved Gas Masks has a huge inventory of SGE masks and we can satisfy specialty or very large orders on demand.
SGE 150 protective NBC gas mask
SGE 150
The SGE 400 gas mask and Drager NBC filter are the state-of-the-art in mask technology
SGE 400
SGE 400/3 NBC Gas Mask is NIOSH approved with an M95 filter for NBC CBA RCA hazards
SGE 400/3

SGE 1000 gas mask
SGE 1000

Drinking System
add $32.50

PVC Hood
add $37.50
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