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Child Ranger CH1400 Child Protective Gas Mask Hood
The CH1400 is designed to comfortably fit small children from approximately 2 to 12 years of age. However some larger 10 to 12 year old’s may be able to fit size small gas masks. The system consists of a loose fitting hood with integral vest, the blower/motor unit, lithium batteries, drinking system, and an NP8000 NBC filter.

Operation: The battery powers the blower, which pulls contaminated air into the filter and pumps filtered air through the hood. The unit comes from the the factory fitted with lithium batteries which provide a longer life before a battery change is needed. It will also accept standard alkaline AA batteries (set of 4) if desired. The system is designed to be put on the child quickly and is easy to wear. The hood around the face is constructed of a chemical resistant see-through material which wraps around the entire front of the unit providing all round 360 degree vision. The included plastic water bottle is kept inside the vest in a small pocket.

The filters have a minimum shelf life of 15 years & all components are designed for immediate use after long-term storage of at least 10 years. The blower motor will accept all standard 40mm threaded NATO standard filters & provides 3 cfm airflow providing positive pressure and a comfortable, protective flow through the hood. The system operates at 6 volts using 4 AA batteries (lithium or alkaline) Operating time approximately 10 hours with lithium batteries. The CH1400 comes with an extra battery holder so that batteries can be changed quickly & easily.

Complete Hood Wrap, Vest, Batteries, Hydration tube,
NP8000 filter and Blower Unit $379.00 - Add to Cart
Child Childrens gas mask hood

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